22 Hollywood Costars Who Hated Each Other

The show's director pleaded with Barbara to apologize after making some disturbing comments on a livestream.

Barbara Evans and red wine don't mix.

On Monday's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," Jenelle Evans' mom was in the dog house after saying some disturbing things about Kailyn Lowry in a late-night, booze-fueled Instagram Live with her daughter.

The hour kicked off with Jenelle and her mom heading to Atlanta for a little mother-daughter getaway, in the hopes of escaping online drama with Kail following their peace offering debacle.

Ever since Jenelle torched the present Lowry sent her, Evans said her costar has been "saying stuff" about her and David on her podcast. "I've been kind of overwhelmed with all the drama in my life, so my mom wanted to take me out of town for the weekend," she explained. It didn't work.

The getaway got off to a nice start, as the newly reunited duo went shopping together and started throwing back some drinks at their rental. While Jenelle had been on a social media break, she decided to hop on Instagram Live because her mother "really wanted to see how it worked."

It was cute, at first, as a tipsy Barb started dancing around on one leg and screaming "It's Saturday Night Live!" But when Briana DeJesus' sister Brittany joined their live session, it went off the rails.

"We'll all get lit and we'll kill Kail," Barbara shouted, as a shocked Jenelle said, "No comment, no comment." Brittany eventually left the convo, before a "Teen Mom 2" director, Kristen, called up Barbara in a tizzy.

"Take me off speaker, are you on Instagram Live?" she was heard telling Barb. "You have to tell Kail that you were joking. There's a huge shit storm that you told Kail you wanna kill her." As all this was happening, Jenelle just kept laughing.

Still cracking up, Barbara eventually went back on the livestream, saying, "So earlier ... and I said that I wanted to kill Kail and everyone took it out of perspective. I was just doing a joke. Come on, I've known the girl for 10 years, that's like crazy."

Kail agreed, it was crazy, and she wasn't having it.

As Kristen met up with Kail to discuss the "Instagram Live fiasco," Lowry let it be known she was done with the Evans family.

"I don't want an apology from Barb. She didn't apologize and I don't want one," she said. "It's not going to mean anything to me. Obviously she didn't want to apologize or she wouldn't have said it in the first place."

"I'm not losing sleep over it, but at the same time, I don't want to be part of a franchise that allows that type of behavior," she continued. "I'm not getting on Instagram Live talking about killing anyone. Anytime I talk about them, it's in response to something else. At some point you have to choose to disassociate with people and I don't want to associate with them or the DeJesuses, I just don't."

As Barbara spoke with Jenelle about all the drama the next day, the two continued to say Kail was overreacting.

"You can't say shit these days without anyone getting offended," said Jenelle.

"You know, I don't understand why she was offended. It was a joke," said her mom. "I say it all the time to Jace, 'I'll kill you Jace!' When he's acting up."

"I was laughing my head off when I said it," she continued. "I don't understand why she's so pissed off. I think it's almost a jealousy thing. We're just having a blast."

Why jealousy you ask? Well, these two believe Kail isn't thrilled to see the mother and daughter duo on good terms again, after previously falling out with each other.

"Yeah and none of her family wants anything to do with her and no one does because of the way she is," said Jenelle. "She's stupid, she just wants her own show, she wants to kick everyone off. Eliminate them one by one."

It looks like Jenelle's issues with fellow "Teen Moms" will continue next week, as a trailer for the episode teased a social media blowup between her and Amber Portwood. Stay tuned!

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.