Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Rings -- How They Stack Up to A-Rod's!

Jimmy Fallon cracks up over how meticulously A-Rod planned the big moment, and the fact that he wore his World Series ring for it.

Alex Rodriguez was a little scared and a lot prepared for his recent engagement moment with Jennifer Lopez, revealing the extensive training and prep work he did for the big moment on "The Tonight Show."

The former New York Yankee admitted to Jimmy Fallon that he was definitely getting the hints from Lopez in recent months that it was time to step up and get down on one knee.

"I knew I was in some trouble because you had 'El Anillo' ['The Ring'], which was the song, and then she has a movie coming this fall called, 'Marry Me,'" Rodriguez said.

Lopez had not been shy in cracking jokes about his lack of a proposal during her own talk show appearances prior to the big moment last month, either, but all the while Rodriguez was planning the perfect moment. According to the superstar athlete, he spent about six months putting it all together.

It should come as no surprise that a world-class athlete would put in the work before such a pivotal moment in his life. After 22 seasons in MLB, he's no stranger to what hard work, preparation and effort can bring. Nevertheless, it was rather hilarious hearing him break down how he applied his professional work ethic to a marriage proposal.

"I planned it for about six months," Rodriguez told Fallon. "It was on a beach in the Bahamas. I had the ring, but what was interesting is that three days prior to me going down on one knee and getting engaged, I rehearsed three days in a row because I wanted the sunset to be perfect."

A month later, he still remembers the exact time of the sunset during those days -- save the one where it rained -- because he wanted to make sure he was on his knee at the perfect moment for the sunset.

"You rehearsed by yourself?" Fallon asked.

"Well, I had my assistant actually with me," Rodriguez replied, which Fallon found even funnier.

"You proposed to your assistant three times?"

All that hard work paid off, though, in a beautiful engagement moment -- with a perfect sunset -- and one of the biggest engagement rings the world had ever seen. And yet it was only one giant ring in the photos.

"Are you wearing your ring, your World Series ring?" Fallon asked, looking at a picture of the happy couple. "I will say, that's almost as big as the one you gave Jennifer."

Rodriguez said he's only ever worn the ring on a few occasions for big moments in his life, but it nearly ruined this one. "I kind of gave it away because when she saw me put on the ring, she goes where are we going with that ring?" he said.

"Just going for a walk on the beach," Fallon shot back. "At 6:29. Hurry up!"

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