'Riverdale' Star Nathalie Boltt Says There's Potential for 'Turf' War Between Penelope Blossom and Edgar Evernever
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"There's definitely scenes with Cheryl and her girlfriend coming up," Boltt also teases.

Chad Michael Murray's Edgar Evernever better watch his back, because Penelope Blossom is gunning for him.

In an interview with TooFab, Penelope herself -- actress Nathalie Boltt -- teased the potential for an all out war between her madame and the leader of The Farm.

Though Blossom made her first visit to cult's home base last week to retrieve just one of her twin baby grandkids, viewers never saw whether she came face to face with Edgar himself or just his followers. Whatever the case, Bollt hopes for a true confrontation between the two characters.

"I think Penelope and Edgar Evernever are just bound to meet because they're both so dodgy," Boltt said. "But also she wouldn't want somebody in on her turf being more dark than she is, or at least not knowing what his plan is. So there's definitely potential for Penelope to just to find some way to come face to face with this guy."

"He's a man of power," she added. "It would just already start making her blood boil."

In a recent episode, Penelope's daughter Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) joined Edgar's cult. Cheryl's girlfriend, Toni (Vanessa Morgan), soon followed. And while the mother-daughter drama has been on the backburned this season, Boltt teased something is brewing.

"Third season has been really interesting in that the Cheryl-Penelope tension hasn't been that obvious," Boltt told TooFab. "It's been more about Penelope and her Maple Club and Betty, her niece.”

"There's definitely scenes with Cheryl and her girlfriend coming up," she added. "I think it's, it's sort of like a blossoming, I actually said blossoming ... a blooming of the seeds that were planted."

This season has been a dark one for Penelope, whose very twisted origin story was revealed. In Season 3, Episode 11, "The Red Dahlia," viewers learned Penelope was an orphan who was adopted by the Blossom family thanks to her red hair. They then groomed her to become her adopted brother's wife, which is all kinds of weird.

We also found out she offed her brother-husband Clifford after learning he killed their son, Jason, and poisoned Clifford's twin when she discovered he was responsible for Fizzle Rock runoff in Sweetwater River, which triggered seizures for Cheryl and the other girls in town.

Yeah, this show is wild.

For Boltt, learning the backstory helped explain more than a few things about the character's behavior. "People say, 'When she going to be nice, why is she so mean to her daughter?'" she explained. "And I was like, 'There's a whole huge backstory, it's going to come out.' I'd created one in my mind, but the once 'The Red Dahlia' was revealed, I was like, 'That's better than anything I could've come up with.'"

When asked about her character's wild arc this season, Boltt added, "It's always wonderful playing transformation because you don't want to just be you know a terrible mother who just says awful things to her daughter and you want to know why."

"And the fans were also just like, 'Where's some sugar? Where's some something, you know?'" she added. "And so the transformation really comes up where you go, 'Wow, she had a more twisted childhood than any of us could have imagined --- brought up in a convent as an orphan and sold essentially, or adopted, because she of her red hair to be like groomed to become the child bride of the Blossom family. So yes, she's bitter!"

"Riverdale" airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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