Celebrity Feuds

Damon was mad, until he found out who was behind the destruction.

Jimmy Kimmel's ongoing feud with Matt Damon is legendary and, last night, he took it to the next level by vandalizing the guy's house.

After Patriots quarterback Tom Brady sat down for an interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Thursday, the host inquired about how strong the football player's throwing arm really is. To test whether the 41-year-old athlete's throw was still truly as powerful as he ever was, they hit the road and found the perfect place to show his strength.

Yep, Matt Damon's humble abode.

Pulling up to the house, Kimmel asked Brady to throw a football through an upstairs window, something the QB did with amazing ease. Damon ran out screaming -- while wearing a "We Bought a Zoo" t-shirt, no less -- until the Boston boy realized just who was smashing his windows.

"It's great to meet you man, I'm like your number one fan," he told Brady. "I'm Matt, Matt Damon."

It didn't take long for Brady to diss the actor -- calling him Pat -- before Kimmel made everything even worse by breaking another window. "What the f--k, Jimmy!" exclaimed Damon.

Watch it all go down above and see more memorable Damon/Kimmel moments below.