No, Nose Hair Extensions Are NOT Actually a New Beauty Trend
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#nosehairextensions currently boasts almost 500 mentions on Instagram

If you're wondering why anyone would ever want nose hair extension — don't worry, they don't.

The new "beauty trend" being reported online is nothing of the sort, TooFab can reveal. Despite a number of sites reporting women — and a few men for that matter — are adopting the bizarre and kind of gross new style, do not expect to see it on the catwalks or out in the streets.

The hashtag #nosehairextensions was first used back in October of 2017 by Instagram user @gret_chen_chen — whose account is a collection of equally wacky images — after she stuck false eyelashes up her nose.

Just a handful of Instagrammers copied the look at the time, and thus the "fashion" was born — as well as blogs picking it up as a "beauty trend."

For some reason, the hashtag showed up once again on Google News Trends this week, leading to another swathe of articles claiming it was being adapted as the new "in" look.

While the #nosehairextensions currently boasts almost 500 mentions, most of them are just reposts of the same three women, from years ago. So while you may have seen a few headlines this week about the so-called craze, thankfully, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing it on the cover of fashion mags any time soon.

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