NeNe Leakes Announces Gregg Is 'Cancer Free' Before Taking Brutal Jab at Her Haters
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"Now I can go give Gregg a black eye since so many think he's abused," the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star shares.

NeNe Leakes is praising God and slamming her haters -- all while announcing that Gregg Leakes is officially cancer free.

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star took to Instagram Monday to share a photo of her 64-year-old husband smiling and holding a sign that read, "No cancer found! Praise God."

NeNe captioned the post, "Look at God! We are overjoyed to say we saw the doctors for the results of Gregg's PET scan he took last week! Test shows...wait for it...WE ARE CANCER FREE!!! Yes, God! Now I can go give Gregg a black eye since so many think he's abused." She added the hashtags "f--k cancer" and "f--k opinions" while urging fellow caretakers to "push through."

NeNe's jab at her haters comes after a very rough season and reunion for the OG Housewife, who had a difficult time adjusting to life as a caretaker. NeNe began Season 11 of the Bravo series by tearfully telling viewers Gregg had been diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in May of 2018. As the episodes progressed, NeNe's relationship with Gregg became so strained that the words "separation" and "divorce" made their way into various conversations. As a result, NeNe lashed out at the show's cast and crew, broke down on camera multiple times and even took to social media to vent about her "mean, grouchy and evil" husband.

While many fans supported the reality star throughout the process, others criticized the way she chose to publicize her frustrations with her sick husband.

Last November, Gregg posted to his Instagram a screenshot of an inspirational message he received, promoting loving the people who treat you right, forgiving quickly and thinking before acting out in anger. NeNe lashed out at him for not taking his own advice, commenting, "Well you need to do everything you posted! Practice what you preach! You need to pray for yourself! This mean, grouchy, evil stuff you pulling these days is NOT cool."

One critic called the reality star a "cool piece of work" and reminded her that the "tables can easily turn." NeNe was not having it.

"Chileeee, shut up!" she replied. "Gregg has done so much shit. It didn't just start! While you commenting saying shit to me, ask him what has he done! Oh, and by the way, Gregg isn't [bedridden] and needing daily help! You got it twisted."

Another dissenter called NeNe "evil" and told her to "go to hell."

"You don't know SHIT about Gregg and NeNe Leakes, and you have no idea what he has done! Ask him," she fired back before continuing the bashing on Twitter.

During the Season 11 "RHOA" reunion, Andy Cohen pressed the couple about NeNe sharing their struggles on social media. While Gregg didn't necessarily like the way his wife handled things, he also seemed to think she was harboring some resentment over the fact that she spent years begging him to get a colonoscopy -- and he refused every time.

Congrats, Gregg and NeNe!

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