'Game of Thrones' Cast Rocks the Red Carpet for Final Season Premiere

Apologies to anyone who named their kids Khaleesi or Dany before Sunday's turn of events.

"Game of Thrones" fans are hotter than the corpses in King's Landing after the shocking turn of events in the show's penultimate episode ever, which saw Dany become the Mad Queen in deadly fashion.

In addition to almost everybody who lived in and around the Red Keep, the hour also claimed the lives of more than a few notable characters, including Cersei and Jaime Lannister, The Hound, The Mountain and Varys.

With the series finale airing next week and a now evil Mother of Dragons on the throne, the body count will only rise from here ... and viewers have quite a few thoughts about everything that went down.

Like the episode before this -- which saw Sansa crediting her rapist for making her strong and the death of Missandei -- many viewers were not happy about what they watched Sunday night, leading to mixed reactions that included hilarious memes and outright disgust.

Keep reading to see what really popped on social media -- for better or worse -- during and after the episode aired.

Varys Goes Up In Flames

Varys was one of the few who saw Dany's turn coming before anyone else, but he didn't get to stick around and see his worst fears come to fruition.

As the Master of Whisperers plotted to take down Dany, both by poisoning her and spreading the truth about Jon's true lineage, Tyrion turned on him and ratted him out to the Queen. While she was mad at Jon for not heeding her warning about spilling his lineage ... and Sansa for telling Varys immediately after learning it from Jon ... it was the Spider who bit the bullet.

With one utterance of "Dracarys," Drogon burnt Varys to a crisp. Of course, by the end of the episode, he'd be proven right.

Dany's Mad Queen Turn

While Varys saw Dany's turn from Breaker of Chains to Burner of Cities coming, many viewers at home did not -- and they were ticked when she started raining hellfire down on King's Landing.

Yes, we've seen her dark side before on the show, but it was mainly aimed at people who at least kinda deserved it, like the slavers and those who refused to accept her as a ruler. She was a hero to the underdog and undervalued and someone fans really clung to tightly and rooted for to win the Throne. But with the death of two dragons, her right hand woman Missandei, the knowledge everyone likes Jon more and his refusal of her advances, she'd apparently reached a breaking point in record time.

As she burned the innocent in King's Landing to a crisp after the city had already surrendered, Dany's heel turn divided Twitter. Some loved it, saying it had been telegraphed since Season One of the show ... others felt it could have been a justifiable turn of events, but was just too rushed ... and others downright hated it.

One thing's for sure, there's no coming back from this now ... and we really don't think Dany's going to make it out of the finale alive.

Cersei and Jaime Deserved Different Deaths

We all knew Cersei wouldn't make it out of this show alive. She's a character viewers love to hate and her death -- hopefully at the hands of those she's wronged -- was a long time coming. There were a ton of theories about how she'd die, but nobody saw what actually happened: death by rocks.

She knew it was over for her once the bells rang out in King's Landing, but when Jaimie showed up to try and usher her out of town for a life together with their incest baby, she had hope once again. As all this unfolded, many thought Jaime was just playing her, that he would be the one to kill her and his words to Brienne last week were just a diversion. But no, he loved her, he was loyal to her and, because of it, he died with her.

As they made it to the tunnels below the Red Keep, he fulfilled a prophecy from the book by having his hands around her throat as she perished, but it was a bunch of rocks that sealed their fates. While a tragic end to the show's most twisted couple, many online wanted worse for Cersei and better for her brother-lover.

Even Lena Headey herself was initially "mixed" on her character's death, telling EW "I wanted her to have some big piece or fight with somebody." She came around though, adding, "The more we talked about it the more it seemed like the perfect end for her. They came into the world together and now they leave together."

Cleganebowl Finally Happens

The long awaited confrontation between Clegane brothers Sandor (AKA The Hound) and Gregor (AKA The Mountain) was one of the more satisfying faceoffs of the divisive episode, as the fan-coined "Cleganebowl" came to fruition.

The bad blood between these brothers goes back to before the show even began, as Gregor was the one responsible for Sandor's charred face and fear of fire. Their final showdown during "The Bells" saw The Hound getting his revenge, taking out his zombified brother in battle ... and killing himself in the process.

This event sparked quite a few memes, as viewers reacted to the Mountain's appearance, Arya calling The Hound by his real name and one amazing moment where Cersei sidestepped the whole argument to let the boys fight.

Arya's New Mission

Going off that last tweet there, The Hound was able to talk Arya out of coming for Cersei ... a move that puzzled many on social media. Arya's mission has been to take her out for a long time, as one of the final names on her list. She's trained years for this, becoming a ruthless assassin with no qualms about killing.

So to see her walk away from it at the last moment and focus instead on helping the good people of King's Landing was a bit of a 180, though did give Arya a chance to let her humanity shine through.

The question now, of course, is where she's going on that white horse of hers. Many viewers guessed she'll still have vengeance on her mind, only now aimed at Dany, pointing out how the Mother of Dragons' green eyes could also fulfill that Melisandre prophecy.

We'll see what happens when the series finale of "Game of Thrones" airs Sunday, May 19.

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