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The brilliant sketch also features nods to Marvel's Hulk, Daredevil and even Deadpool.

Jimmy Kimmel probably meant it as a joke, but his "gullible dry cleaner" character in this "Spider-Man: Far From Home" parody would actually fit pretty seamlessly into Peter Parker's world.

Tom Holland stays totally in character, no matter how ridiculous the sketch gets, as he picks up his Spider-Man suit from the guy who is apparently the most popular dry cleaner in New York among the "goofy PJs" set.

That's not to say Kimmel's Joe didn't have some questions for young Mr. Parker. "Why you get your pajamas cleaned every two days?" he asked him.

As expected, Peter is an absolutely atrocious liar, and yet Joe totally fell for his story about being a heavy sweater in his sleep hook, line and sinker.

"You're a sweaty beddy," he agreed. And when he asked about the holes -- "It almost looked like if some kind of a mechanical octopus arm had taken a chunk out of the fabric" -- Joe came up with his own answer. Obviously, it's moths.

But perhaps the funniest moments came when Peter asked for his mask and Joe proceeded to first throw a nod to the defunct Marvel Netflix line with Daredevil's mask, and then one to the recently acquired Fox properties with Deadpool's. Later, he brought out a pair of the Hulk's signature purple shorts.

And when he saw footage of Spider-Man in action on the television, Joe absolutely put two and two together. "That nutball on the TV has got the same goofy PJs you got," he told Peter, figuring out immediately what was going on.

He wasn't even close.

We know this whole thing was a joke, but it was done so well that we're going to be disappointed if Peter doesn't pick up his dry cleaning from Jimmy Kimmel at some point in the movies. And with precedent being established that Kimmel's dim-witted Joe is gullible enough that all the superheroes get their long underwear cleaned there, he could start making cameos in other Marvel films.

The MCU has a long history of mixing humor with its super-heroics. Plus, this grounds their characters a little firmly in the real world by answering that question of just how they get those costumes so sparkling clean. You just know the washer and dryer would do a number on them.

Tom Holland (and probably not Jimmy Kimmel) stars in "Spider-Man: Far From Home," in theaters July 2.

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