Bill Bellamy Defends Tim Allen Against Racism Claims (Exclusive)
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The comedian also revealed what he considers the white equivalent to Spades.

Comedian Bill Bellamy has come to the defense of Tim Allen.

Earlier this week, the "Toy Story 4" star was ridiculed on Twitter for his lack of knowledge of Spades. Since it's a card game traditionally popular among black communities, a Twitter tangent concluded that Allen was racist. But Bellamy certainly doesn't agree with them.

"Ah come on, man! You can't do that to Tim Allen," Bellamy said while out in Los Angeles on Wednesday. "[He's] like comedy legend, royalty, hall of fame. I mean if he ain't know what Spades was that's alright. A lot of people don't know dominos or dice."

According to Bellamy, the white person equivalent of Spades is beer pong.

"If you ask me if I know anything about beer pong. I might be a little lost," he said. "It's actually a dope ass game but if you don't drink beer you're not going to get into beer pong and if you go to a local bar it's gonna skip you."

He continued, "I'm the type of dude I just walk into a local bar and some cool white guys were playing beer pong and I was like, 'What the hell is that? And the next thing you know I'm boink, boink! It's fun as hell!"

The drama kicked off on Tuesday during a "Toy Story 4" junket when journalist Xilla Valentine verified Tom Hanks and Allen's "black card" status by testing their knowledge of Spades. Hanks passed with flying colors. Allen didn't.

"Tom Hanks is so cool I tested his knowledge of black culture," Zilla tweeted along with the clip, which showed him and Hanks animatedly chatting about the game... while Allen looked completely befuddled.

"You don't know how to play Spades?" Hanks scoffed at his co-star, as he — casually dropping that he grew up in Oakland, California — easily verified he was entitled to carry the "black card". "I go deep baby," he boasted. "I throw deep."

"I don't know what you guys are talking about... I don't have any idea what you guys just said," a stoic Allen admitted. "I'm going to say I do just because I want to move on. Should I get a cup of coffee, or something...?"

But when podcaster Crissles retweeted the clip with the caption: "Tim Allen is openly racist now and I love seeing him squirm here" — Twitter kicked into overdrive, dragging up examples of the famously conservative actor being accused of racism in the past, such as his 2013 argument that he should be allowed to use the n-word during his stand-up.

"Tim Allen" quickly became the top trending topic, to a point that Crissles was forced to clarify that she wasn't calling Allen racist for not knowing how to play Spades — merely that she felt he already was one, and the video just made for enjoyable watching because of that.

"normally I try not to call y'all stupid but the number of people here who think I'm calling Allen racist because of this video is truly alarming," she later tweeted. "America really gotta work on teaching reading comprehension."

"never again want to be responsible for anything trending," she added. "the MAGAts have infested my mentions."

The person who came out on top of all of this of course was Hanks, who impressed just about everybody with his intimate knowledge of the game, so much so that he got invited to umpteen upcoming cookouts via retweets.

Meanwhile, to see what he says makes Bellamy "tap out" during a game of beer pong, check the full interview above.

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