Brandi Glanville Blasts 'Wishy Washy C--t' Camille Grammer Following Explosive 'RHOBH' Reunion
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"It's clear to me that if certain people feel that they are going down, they have the need to take everyone down with them," Brandi says.

Brandi Glanville was clearly tuning in to part 2 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion, and she was not happy with anything that came out of Camille Grammer's mouth.

When Kyle Richards asked Camille why she felt Lisa Vanderpump opted out of coming to the reunion, she said she felt Brandi's brief appearance during a one-on-one dinner with Denise Richards was the reason.

"She's pissed about Brandi," Camille maintained. "[She's pissed Brandi] showed up on the show, absolutely. She's her archenemy! She feels so betrayed. I'm just assuming -- and I could be absolutely wrong -- but she felt throughout this season that you've had her back, Denise, but you talking to Brandi... Brandi's her archenemy."

Denise maintained that she and Brandi, who she's known for many years, "didn't meet to talk about Vanderpump," even though that's the bulk of what Bravo aired. Brandi echoed her longtime friend's sentiments -- with a few more colorful words.

"I am NOT LVP's arch enemy!! That is absolute insanity. Trust and believe that is UNTRUE!!! I adore [Denise] after meeting her at a dinner party for our mutual agent! [Not to mention] 95% of our conversation was not about LVP at all," Brandi tweeted during the show, prompting a fan to ask if she had reached out to Lisa after her brother died.

"Of course I did and so did Kyle," Brandi replied, then set her sights back on what Camille was saying.

"Nope [Camille] I don't buy it!" Brandi continued. "She knows for a fact that I'm a proper f--king person and that I do the RIGHT thing when I'm suppose to. We may not be friends but I'm not LVP's #1enemy."

When someone in Brandi's comments asked, "Then who is?" she replied, "Check lawsuits." When someone else accused her of always pulling the victim card, she barked back, "I'm not playing the victim. I'm asserting myself as needed."

"Let me be clear, LVP and I have a past that we will not recover from but I refuse to let [Denise] be called out for provoking anything!" Brandi added in a separate tweet. "I was on ONE episode of an entire season where the women had their own separate issues with her. That's f--king it."

"It's clear to me that if certain people feel that they are going down they have the need to take everyone down with them. If I had done that the ENTIRE housewives world would be 'shook.' I'm not that person and that's not how I'm raising my boys," Brandi went on. "Oh and half of the men in Hollywood."

When a fan noted during the show that "Camille looks like she's not pleasing people tonight," Brandi replied, "She's a wishy washy c--t."

The fan responded, "We all have our moments. All of us are flawed," a comment Brandi found mostly agreeable.

"Of course we f--king are but when shit goes sideways I am going to be a proper f-king human being and say I'm sorry for you and the situation," she fired back.

Brandi added that "the f--king reason I came on is because I'm a f--king single mom and I got offered money bye." She also urged someone who suggested Denise "brought" her back on the show to "STFU," saying she and the Bravo series "go way back." (She was on the show from 2011 to 2016.) Brandi also said she doesn't like when "my new friends get blamed for my old shit with people."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion concludes Tuesday, July 30 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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