Denise Richards Reveals She Had This Off-Camera Conversation with Camille Grammer Prior to Explosive 'RHOBH' Reunion
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"I was very taken aback by how she came after me," the "RHOBH" newcomer tells Andy Cohen.

After one helluva reunion conclusion, "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Denise Richards stopped by "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" to share a tidbit of info viewers didn't know when watching Camille Grammer tear into the series newcomer.

"I was very surprised by that because, after the party of the season finale, she texted me and apologized and we texted back and forth about getting together for dinner," Denise told Andy about the confrontation the two had at Mauricio Umansky's Agency party. That's where Camille believes Denise urged her to call her daughter, Mason, a "f--king liar."

"So going into the reunion, you thought everything was very clean?" Andy asked Denise.

"I had no idea. I thought everything was fine," she replied with a laugh. "Clearly, it wasn't. I was very taken aback by how she came after me."

During part 3 of the "RHOBH" Season 9 reunion, which aired Tuesday before Denise's Clubhouse appearance, Camille stormed off set, cried to Andy about how hurt she was that Denise wanted her to lie to her daughter, maintained Denise told her she cursed at her kids, and called her a boring addition to the show. Camille then made her way back to the couches, where Denise questioned her intention behind the comments she made about Denise's "rented" home not being destroyed by the fires the way Camille's house was.

Here's what happened at the Agency party: After Camille accused Teddi Mellencamp of snubbing Mason, Denise intervened to say Camille should have simply tried to make her daughter feel good about the situation, whether she was snubbed or not.

This is the conversation that aired:

Denise: "Do you know what I would say to my daughter? I would defend them, and I would make my daughter feel like they were..."

Camille: "Yeah, well, maybe you make your daughters feel like shit, but I don't make my daughter feel like shit!"

Denise: "I don't make them feel like shit! I make them feel okay! Like, 'Don't worry, honey, they didn't f--king snub you.'"

But Camille remembered none of that and spent a great deal of the reunion crying, apologizing and lashing out.

"She was sobbing, and I was legitimately concerned," Denise told Andy, who confirmed, "She actually was crying for a sustained time."

"She was crying for a long time, so that's why I asked her if she needed to take a break," she added. "That's all."

It's true: Camille's emotions during the reunion were all over the place, but that's not shocking considering the year she'd had. After all, her mom got sick, her longtime assistant died, and two days later, her Malibu home burned down in the California wildfires.

Denise and Andy also shared their thoughts on whether they believed Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump's friendship could ever be what it what it was.

The two were in agreement: it's possible.

"I think there is [hope]," Andy said when he saw that 81 percent of the audience did not believe the two could rekindle.

"I do, too, actually," Denise added. "There's always hope."

"This is why I wanted her to go to the reunion 'cause I always believe. I always do," Andy noted. "I just think they need to be in the same place and sit down and talk."

During the reunion, however, Kyle revealed that she found out Lisa actually did a practice run of the PuppyGate-inspired lie-detector test before telling production she wanted to have it filmed. According to Kyle, Lisa wanted to make sure she could pass the test off camera before getting Bravo involved.

"My daughter -- she had a friend whose family was burglarized -- and detectives had the construction workers go down to take a lie-detector test," Kyle explained to Andy and her co-stars. "She said, 'Your mom's friend, the lady with the dog, is down here.' This was before production filmed it. That was the practice run, then she later told production, 'I wanna do this.'"

"Why do you think she did a trial run then?" Andy asked.

"To see if she could pass," Kyle replied.

Either Lisa watched the reunion or someone tipped her off, because she had some thoughts on the matter immediately following.

"By the way, LVP tweeted me before the show and said she did take [the lie-detector test] twice and she passed with flying colors both times, FYI," Andy told his audience, but the actual tweet painted a bit of a different picture.

"Yes @Andy I passed lie detector we have the footage on iPhone and then when production heard of it they wanted to film it," LVP's message read. "So it was scary in front of camera crew, but yes I passed it twice."

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