'RHOBH' Recap: Camille Breaks Down Off Set Before Coming for Denise, Kyle Cries Over Vanderpump
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"I am speechless, and I am rarely speechless," Erika lets out.

Tuesday's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion conclusion was one for the books.

Picking up where last week left off -- with Camille Grammer storming off set -- Andy Cohen chased after her to get to the bottom of her tears, her anger and her rather confusing assumption she had been "set up."

Camille was a blubbering, erratic mess, but Andy managed to get out of her that she was very upset over a "cruel" comment Teddi Mellencamp had made to Kyle Richards during a "RHOBH After Show" interview -- that the best part about Camille's wedding was "the departure." Camille was also adamant Denise Richards revealed to her that she cursed at her kids and that she wanted Camille to tell her daughter, Mason, she was a "f--king liar." Camille cried to Andy that Denise's denial of saying any such thing made her look like a "really bad person."

"They're just so nasty, and they've been wanting me to jump on this hate train with [Lisa] Vanderpump, and I've had my issues with Vanderpump, but sometimes, Vanderpump is so nice and caring and giving, and I miss her," Camille sobbed. "And there's parts -- I understand what these girls are talking about, but you can still miss somebody! Andy, isn't it okay for me to say something nice about Lisa without them all jumping on me? I feel ganged up [on] because I didn't gang up on Lisa."

Andy tried nicely to explain to Camille what Kyle was trying to explain to her last week, the week before and the week before that -- that Camille says one thing to their faces and another behind their backs. Kyle maintained that no one cared how she felt about LVP; they cared that she switched up those feelings depending on who she was with.

Meanwhile, back on set, the ladies were discussing what had just happened. "I am speechless, and I am rarely speechless," Erika Jayne let out, while Lisa Rinna was still recovering from Camille letting them all know she didn't actually want them at her wedding. Kyle, on the other hand, was harping on the idea that "Season 1 Camille" gets her "RHOBH" storylines from what fans on Twitter are discussing, i.e., the thought that Dorit Kemsley is a phony, and the notion that LVP is the victim of her co-stars' bullying.

As expected, Andy's magic touch worked, and Camille made her way back to the couch. Her guard was down and she was in tears, prompting the women to be sympathetic to the fact that she's truly had a year from hell. After all, her mom's been sick, her longtime assistant died and her house burned down. But the tears quickly turned back to anger when Teddi tried to explain that she made the petty comment to Kyle out of retaliation for the things Camille had said about her during her confessionals. Erika gently leaned over to urge Camille to lower her voice because no one else was yelling.

Regarding her incendiary comments about Dorit and PK's financial status, Camille called the claims "absolutely irresponsible," "very hurtful and very mean." Dorit listened to what Camille had to say but explained that even if they left the reunion on good terms, she'd always be "in the shadow of doubt."

Andy then asked Camille what about Denise bothered her so much, not bringing up the fact that Camille had just told him backstage how boring Denise was. Once again, she brought up how Denise supposedly urged her to call her daughter a liar. (By the way, "RHOBH" cameras caught the moment Camille's talking about, and Denise most certainly said no such thing.)

Denise reiterated what she actually said in that moment and what she explained to Camille last week, then apologized in the off chance she did say what Camille believed she said. A class act! Andy also brought up the comments Camille made when the home she owned -- and not Denise's rented home -- burned down in the California wildfires. Denise was confused as to why Camille would make such rude comments when the two had been supporting each other during the whole evacuation.

"When I saw that, I was like, 'Where is this coming from? What did I ever do to you for you to even say something like that where you wouldn't think I was empathetic?'" Denise asked. Camille simply said, "Okay." But Denise wanted an answer.

"I don't know," Camille replied. "I have no answer for you, and I'm sorry," she added with raised eyebrows and a shoulder shrug.

"This is where we think before we speak, Camille," Denise fired back sternly. "You say extremely hurtful things to us, and sometimes, there's no truth to what you're saying. You're talking out of your ass. I've been nothing but nice and kind and very supportive of you."

Camille started crying and reiterated how difficult the year had been for her. "I have been wrong, and I'm sorry if I've been cruel," she said, looking at Denise and Dorit, who said under her breath, "Very."

When Andy brought up Camille's standoff with Rinna over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, Camille began to sob. "I don't know, I just feel that people need to voice -- get their voices out and be heard and be believed," she said. "I think people need to be believed."

Shifting gears.

Toward the end of the hour, Andy played a montage of some of Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump's best and worst moments on the show. It was hard for Kyle (and us) to watch because, despite how things left off, there was a true and genuine friendship there, one we all loved watching thrive.

Kyle kept it relatively together but had a hard time vocalizing how she felt about her former "partner in crime." After all, she had brought Lisa's birthday gift to the reunion, hoping she'd finally be able to give it to her after holding onto it for nine months. (Spoiler: Andy ended up opening it. It was a fuchsia Manolo Blahnik belt with a diamond buckle. He low-key wanted it for the Clubhouse, but Kyle insisted she was going to send it to LVP.)

"It's sad to me. It's -- it's -- it is. It's sad to me," she blubbered. "It's sad to me she's not here. People tweet me pictures all the time, and every time I see something like that -- of us joking, laughing -- it makes me feel bad. Sorry, I can't talk right now for a second."

"I paid the ultimate price by being honest," she continued after wiping a way her tears and taking a moment to breathe. "And I've thought about if I hadn't gone to her house and not told her, and then she would've seen us sitting there. How would that have played out? It's sad to think how she's feeling right now. This must be a weird day for her, you know, knowing that we're all here and she didn't come. She's gotta be feeling bad, too."

"It's a sad end," Dorit said somberly. Kyle agreed, noting that when she ran into LVP after shooting the season and before shooting the reunion, she truly thought they'd "broken the ice enough that she would show up."

Ugh, we hate this. It's the end of an era.

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