'SNL' Curse: 9 Cast Members Gone Too Soon

The "Weekend Update" co-anchors face off against "The Tonight Show" host in an official Joke-Off, but the off-color bit carries into the interview where the jokes get even more disturbing.

If you ever wondered just how crass and uncomfortable a comedian's writer's room can get, "Saturday Night Live" head writers Colin Jost and Michael Che pulled the curtain back ever so slightly during their appearance on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night.

As part of Jimmy Fallon's week of live shows, he invited the live television veterans, and "Weekend Update" co-anchors, to join him just a few days before the season premiere of "SNL" to see how sharp their joke-writing skills were. Or more specifically, how quickly their minds can come up with jokes in a Joke-Off segment.

And perhaps we used the word "invited" a little too generously, as Jost and Che quite literally crashed Fallon's monologue after finding one of his jokes a bit too tame and lame for their tastes. "SNL" definitely goes a lot more edgy than "The Tonight Show" typically does, but with their help on Thursday's broadcast, "The Tonight Show" may have gone even further than Lorne Michaels would even be comfortable doing.

In the Joke-Off segment itself, the three comedians battled it out over three different joke set-ups, coming up with punch lines off the cuff to see who could top the other. This is similar to how writers riff in the writers room to come up with the best jokes for variety shows like these so it was a great spotlight for their keen comedic minds.

Just keep in mind that a lot of jokes get rejected for various reasons, and they're not always because they're not funny enough. Sometimes the jokes are hilarious, but there's just no way anyone would be comfortable enough to actually say them on the airwaves of a broadcast network. But this was live television, and so all bets were off.

The guys didn't start cursing up a storm, but they definitely went very, very blue with their comedy, riffing off of one another and getting more and more dirty the longer the bit went.

With a set-up about a coffee bar with shirtless male baristas, some of the jokes were clean like Jost's, "'I can’t wait to check it out,’ said the health inspector."

And then there was Che's "winning" joke, "But I don’t recommend this place if you have a nut allergy."

They went in on drinkable marijuana and Iggy Azalea's proposed twerk pit for her upcoming shows. Said Che, "That’s insane, Iggy Azalea has upcoming shows?"

Jost followed that with, "Okay, sure, right. But when I start a twerk pit I’m banned from Chuck E. Cheese’s." And those are the jokes we feel comfortable putting here. It got very crass in a hurry, with Che and Fallon joking about smells and sounds we'd rather not think about.

The spirit of the Joke-Off carried into the interview segment, as they were talking about Jost's upcoming marriage to Scarlett Johansson. Somehow, this got on the topic of Che planning his bachelor party, because if Jost does it, "it’ll be definitely in the daytime and Scarlett will certainly be there."

This reminded Jost of a bar he wanted to take Che to called Bottoms Up that was "like Hooters but it was butt themed, which is so much worse."

We can blame this one on Fallon's sidekick Steve Higgins, because he's the one who suggested they should have called it Tooters. We're still laughing at where they went from there, and how it got so disturbing s quickly.

In fact, we're going to have to go ahead and call these clips audio NSFW as this is definitely too hot for prime time.

But the whole night was a perfect showcase for the comedic minds of all three men, proving why they've risen to the level of success they've achieved on their respective shows.

Jost and Che are entering their seventh and sixth seasons, respectively, as part of the cast of "Saturday Night Live," and it's safe to say that their comedic style has become a signature of the show's critical resurgence in recent seasons.

The guys also tried their luck at Wrestlemania, but found that experience even more unnerving than live comedy. You can check out their comments below, as well as why Che is a firm believer in tights now:

Season 45(!) of "Saturday Night Live" kicks off this weekend on NBC with host Woody Harrelson and musical guest Billie Eilish.

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