Halloween on TV 2019: How Talk Show & Sitcom Stars Dressed Up

James Corden joins the former ABC stars for an education in the power and value and -- uselessness? -- of the subpoena.

"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" got a bit of a rebranding during Melissa Joan Hart's reunion with Salem the Cat on Wednesday night on "The Late Late Show."

Melissa was totally in character as her formerly teenaged self, but her powers were acting up. Instead of sharing a glass of wine with her wisecracking cat, like you do, she was creating seemingly random piles of paper.

Enter cousin James Corden from Washington, DC to explain her exciting new power to her. And for some reason, it also came with a new name as he officially decreed she would now be known as Subpoena the Teenage Witch. Sound not exciting?

Well you just wait because after Cousin James and Sabrina -- ahem, we mean Subpoena -- got done breaking it down it was ... well, still not very exciting.

In fact, it turns out it may be practically useless. "A power people can just choose to ignore sounds like nothing," Sabrina ultimately concluded after James explained that it was a summons but it was really little more than an invitation.

The whole thing was framed like an educational installment of the popular ABC sitcom, complete with slightly exaggerated acting styles from both Melissa and James.

Salem, though, hasn't missed a beat in all these years. He was every bit as sarcastic, unpleasant and dour as ever. In fact, he probably thinks subpoenas are super cool!

In the end, both James and Sabrina realized that her new power was kind of useless, and so he restored her original powers. And with those came the power to summon that glass of chardonnay she was trying to make in the first place, only now with a bonus glass for her cousin.

And with the realization that subpoenas were practically useless in every way, despite their seeming importance in the checks-and-balances part of the political process, they could probably use the drink.

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