Sean Hannity Randomly Dares Jimmy Kimmel to Restart Their Squashed 2018 Feud
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With no provocation, the Fox News host promises Kimmel, "I will unload like you've never seen. I've got it all racked up and ready to go."

Sean Hannity hasn't forgotten his April 2018 feud with Jimmy Kimmel, and he was practically goading the late-night host into starting it up again during his own Fox News show on Thursday night.

The original fight came over a joke Kimmel made about First Lady Melania Trump, so it almost makes sense that Hannity would suddenly think about it as she finds herself in the news again, after she refused to accept an apology from an impeachment hearing witness who brought her 13-year-old son with the president, Barron, up in the proceedings.

During her testimony, constitutional scholar Pamela Karlan made an analogy about the differences between royalty and presidents, saying, "The Constitution says there can be no titles of nobility, so while the President can name his son Barron, he can't make him a baron."

Melania Trump released a statement saying Karlan "should be ashamed" for her "very angry and obviously public pandering," as well as "using a child to do it."

Karlan later apologized, saying, "it was wrong of me to do that. I wish the President would apologize, obviously, for the things he's done that's wrong, but I do regret having said that."

While angrily railing about that to White House spokesperson Jennifer Grisham, Hannity suddenly brought up Kimmel and their year-and-a-half old feud.

"We had a big fight that I won and I dare him to start it up again. Jimmy, start it, one more time," Hannity said out of nowhere, as covered by Mediaite. "I have a lot to bring out. I was just ready on the verge of unloading it all."

After a back-and-forth that took place on social media and on the men's respective shows in early 2018, Kimmel finally decided that he'd had enough and backed away, saying he was done. At this, Hannity declared victory and even offered to have Kimmel on his show, though that never happened.

Now, despite Grisham's attempts to keep the conversation about the president and First Lady, Hannity wasn't done making veiled threats to Kimmel. "My offer stands, Jimmy Kimmel," he said, and he wasn't talking about the offer to come be a guest on his show.

"I dare you, start up again. I will unload like you've never seen," he continued. "I've got it all racked up and ready to go."

It would appear that this tirade was completely unprovoked, though, as Kimmel has not mentioned Hannity at all and has only done more of his usual jokes about the First Lade. The real question is if Kimmel will let this provocation go unanswered.

If he really is done with all of this nonsense, as he said so long ago, then it will just be Hannity yelling into the wind (and at Jennifer Grisham). If, however, Kimmel is ready to fire things up again, we'll certainly all find out about it soon enough.

At the same time, we're wondering just what Hannity has "all racked up and ready to go." He makes it sound like he's a prosecutor who has a surprise witness or secret evidence that will simply blow our minds about Jimmy Kimmel.

We already know about "The Man Show" and girls on trampolines and the Juggy Girls (it was all right there on TV). What else could he have?

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