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"That was a sperm or something," Jimmy Fallon says of one of Lil Wayne's artistic masterpieces.

Lil Wayne is the G.O.A.T. After getting unmasked on "The Masked Singer" after the Super Bowl, the rapper brought all of his artistry to bear on a game of Virtual Pictionary with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show."

Partnered with Claire Danes, he took on Fallon and Lana Condor in a brutal game that came down to the wire. And he quickly proved himself quite a unique visionary when it came to drawing out words and phrases.

We thought we had hit peak Lil Wayne artistry when he was drawing "popcorn srhimp." His popcorn was fine, but he was clearly trying to draw some kind of cartoon shrimp still alive, as opposed to the more traditional shrimp you'd find on a dinner plate.

Nevertheless, Claire figured it out, which left Jimmy flabbergasted. "How did you know that was a shrimp?" he asked. "That was not a shrimp at all. That was a sperm or something."

He was probably frustrated because Lana had failed to turn his spiral next to a tongue into "tongue twister." The couples tied it up in the next round, though, as Claire really had no idea how to depict a "mechanical bull."

But even after they failed, Lil Wayne was there with support for his teammate. "It was a mechanical bull," Claire lamented, to which he responded encouragingly, "That's exactly what that was."

The final round, though, was all down to the rapper, who was tasked with drawing "Harry Potter." Now, most fans of the books or movies could probably think of a million ways to depict the boy wizard, but Lil Wayne is not most people. He is a visionary with a mind as unique as every wand in Ollivanders.

We can say no more, because some things are better seen than heard or read and this is definitely one of them. By the close of the game, the declaration of winners had been thrown out because everyone agreed that Lil Wayne and Lil Wayne alone was the winner.

Virtual Pictionary G.O.A.T. Add it to the accolades!

He then stepped into more familiar territory with a performance of "Dreams," which you can check out below:

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