Inside J.Lo and Shakira's Super Bowl Half Time Performance

No exaggeration, this show just raised the bar for itself so high maybe all those terrible A-list guesses aren't so far-fetched anymore!

Jamie Foxx decided to convince everyone he wasn't on "The Masked Singer" by going on the show ... as a guest judge. Nine Super Bowls.

Tonight, the first six of a whopping 18 masked singers took the stage and with one unmasking, everything you thought you knew about this show was thrown out the window because the first person booted in Season 3 is one of the biggest stars to ever hit this stage.

It was also an absolute travesty, because that was not the worst performance of the night.

Tonight, we met the powerful White Tiger, smooth Turtle, goofy Llama, quirky Robot and the emotionally wrought and vulnerable Kangaroo. And then, we got our first legacy character in Miss Monster, openly inspired by and obsessed with T-Pain's Season 1 win and character.

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we're still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love ... to torture you._


White Tiger took on Vanilla Ice which was an interesting choice. Sure, you could hear his voice pretty clearly but we're two hundred percent positive this dude is a massive (literally) NFL player. He was a lumbering mess on stage, but he was also clearly having a lot of fun. Was he good? Not at all, but the costume is incredible ... and his modified voice is terrifying!

Guesses: Nicole was a little too gushing, having picked her new crush for Season 3 already. Ken thinks thinks it might be John Cena from Boston, based on clam and New England clues.

Jamie knew this was one of his "white homies," and he's thinking New England as well, settling on Rob Gronkowski (though he tossed in Michael Strahan later.

Oh, and I'm sorry, Nicole Scherzinger, that ain't Jason Momoa. Come on! But where the panel wasn't certain, Twitter seems absolutely positive who this is:


Turtle wasn't quite up to the challenge of singing Season 2 contestant Seal, but still proved he's got a pretty solid voice. It didn't sound totally polished, making us thing this isn't a professional singer, or at least not a lead singer. He showed a falsetto in tune, though, so maybe the nerves were just making him seem less polished than he can be.

Guesses: The panel was thinking boy band almost throughout, which would fit. Jenny thought bunny and burgers connected it to her and hubby Donnie Wahlberg -- though not him. So she's going with someone from a boy band, but didn't get more specific.

Robin picked up "step by step," which had him thinking Joey McIntyre. Nicole, though, again went beyond what this show is going to book (unless Season 3 is off the chain!) picking Zac Efron.

The Internet agreed in spirit with the boy band idea, or at least a similar inspiration in sound, with a pretty strong consensus that they instantly recognized the falsetto and voice of Jesse McCartney.


Llama is probably the funniest costume we've seen yet, with an additional pair of legs tacked onto the back. And after teasing a romantic song, he actually sang Ricky Martin's "She Bangs," made famous by Wiliam Hung on "American Idol." But this guy actually has a decent voice underneath all the silliness. He's gotta be a comedian who sings, right?

Guesses: Llama said he wears digs like this in real life (he was classic tourist complete with oversized camera). There were clues about DJs and a couple of cards, but suddenly Joel McHale was a guess by Robin, with Ken piling on.

Howard Stern and David Spade were also tossed around, but it seems like these guesses are all too tall and too small. Llama seems just a bit taller than Nick. That said, the internet liked Spade because of "The Emperor's New Groove."

Ultimately, though, they haven't settled on anyone for this goofy performer just yet, throwing names out there like Danny Bonaduce and Drew Carey .


Miss Monster is clearly inspired by T-Pain and his story on this show, but she didn't quite have the power he did vocally. She also enunciated a little tepidly, though there is a natural soulfulness to her voice and uncontrolled power. It could be that she's a great soul singer who was just crippled with nerves; maybe having not performed in a while?

Guesses: Ken picked up on a Southern twang in her "darlin,'" and is thinking little Miss Monster might be Dolly Parton. She could have chosen that costume to hide her iconic figure.

But Jenny was hearing more should and chose Mary J. Blige, which we're not hearing, while Jamie and Nicole were both thinking Dionne Warwick, who's been a guess in each of the previous two seasons.

And yet, the internet still isn't convinced it's her, going with the legendary Chaka Khan instead, or maybe Missy Elliott, along with more random picks because they're just not quite sure yet.


Robot took on Lenny Kravitz and seemed to have a slightly roboticized voice even when singing. Stage presence and vocals were equally awkward, making us again think this was an athlete, like White Tiger, albeit smaller. We're not sure if it was intentionally monotone-ish to be in character, or if that's kind of all he had to give.

Guesses: Skateboarding and stunts were in the clues, pushing Jenny to Johnny Knoxville, but Jamie thought someone a little tougher, though in the same family, Steve-O.

Nicole took weigh-in clues to again think outside the scope of this show with Floyd Mayweather. Have you watched this show? The internet heard that strangely monotone voice and thought it was the GOAT himself, Lil Wayne.


Kangaroo came out ready to box and fight back against the bullies and haters. And for someone who said she's never done anything like this, she had a lot of heart and passion in this vocal. It was subtle and beautiful, but effortless as she just soared on Calum Scott's "Dancing on My Own." Easily the strongest performer of the night.

Guesses: Jenny was thinking maybe Jordin Sparks, who's been through some serious things in recent months. Nicole was thinking Kelly Rowland, but Jamie rejected that vocal.

Robin went with an odd choice picking Iggy Azalea, but it really seems like the panel doesn't quite have this one pinned down yet, and neither does the internet, though her story had a few thinking Jordyn Woods -- but can she sing like that.


Nicole thinks it's Floyd Mayweather, still, while Jenny stuck with Johnny Knoxville and Jamie stood strong on Steve-O. Robin finally made a guess with Shaun White, while Ken Jeong knows exactly who this is.

He settled on Flava Flav, while the internet was absolutely certain it was Lil Wayne and they nailed it. And with that, the gauntlet has been thrown down because if "The Masked Singer" can get Lil Wayne than maybe they can get anyone.

"The Masked Singer" continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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