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The unmasked star says they were inspired to do the show after Ken kept guessing them for another contestant last season.

Ken Jeong is zero for however many of his co-stars might appear on "The Masked Singer." While he proved able to guess some of his favorite sports stars, he can't seem to recognize the people he's shared a set with.

It happened again this week, and to make it even rougher on him, this star professed their love for him in song and again after it was over, saying he had one of the purest souls. It was such a genuine moment of affection, Ken couldn't help but turn bright red.

It's just a shame all that blood rushing to his head didn't help him fire a few extra synapses to put together who this was.

In fact, for the so-many-times-we've-lost-count time this season, no one on the panel ever guessed this celebrity, and that includes celebrity guest judge Joel McHale. Once again, Season 3 is proving the toughest season yet, with the judges mores stumped than ever, and even the internet struggling on a few of them.

As always, the weakest performer got the boot, but we're still going to make you power through the terrible (and occasionally good) guesses made by our illustrious panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. We do this because we love ... to torture you.


Astronaut came out as a different performer this week, confident from the first note and really delivering. Now we're thinking maybe this is a professional singer, because he knew how to work the crowd and even work with backing dancers. On top of that, this was a very accomplished and impressive vocal.

Guesses: Astronaut continued to hammer home that he got his start at a young age, adding in imagery of Orion's belt, balloons and a french horn while dropping phrases like "500 days," "fresh start," "circle of life" and that he spoke with sign language.

Also, did dude just say he was good friends with Stevie Wonder? Damn, that's cool! Did he get help from an organized crime family? Ken Jeong actually used solid logic to tie "Lion King" and Childish Gambino and even his work on "The Martian" to find Donald Glover, which would be just so wild.

Joel McHale thought maybe Corey Feldman, while Robin followed "500 Days" to the summer of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

While the internet still likes Hunter Hayes, the new "Lion King" clues had them wondering if maybe it was OG Simba, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.


Night Angel just made herself a front-runner for this whole competition with a beautifully nuanced take on Lady Gaga's "Million Reasons." She handled the softer parts and the bigger voice effortlessly. This is definitely a pro with an incredible voice and range. If she's not a professional singer ... why the hell not?!

Guesses: New clues included breaking barriers if willing to lend a "wing," as wel as the phrase "bang bang" and the fact she built an empire. Her package also included a castle next to a strawberry and a pitcher of sweet tea.

Nicole was thinking perhaps Regina King, while Joel McHale thinks the sibling connection points to Jessica Simpson. Nicole, though, followed "empire" and "hustle" to Cookie Lyon aka Taraji P. Henson.

Robin was thinking girl group, and Ken even threw out the name Kandi -- which Robin poo-pooed immediately as not having the right tone. But Kandi Burruss remains the internet's best guess. In fact, she's pretty much their only guess.


T-Rex After kind of sucking as a singer last week, she showed her hip-hop side with Salt-N-Pepa's "Push It." She's definitely better here, as her manic energy served the song and her performance well. And she doesn't need to be singing. She's a great dancer, so maybe focus there.

Guesses: Look, this is JoJo Siwa, right? Are we really debating this? She even sounded just like her rapping this week, where she couldn't hide her voice as much. Seriously, who's still not sure?

Well, it turns out the judges still aren't sure, but maybe she's too far out of their demographic? New clues included that her original world imploded leaving only singles and doubles, and that she sought to diversify so she wouldn't be a "one-hit wonder."

That could be referring to her beginnings on "Dance Moms," which completely fell apart, though several alums have gone on to success, including JoJo.

Ken thought maybe it was YouTube star (and late-night host) Lilly Singh, while Robin took the same idea over to "Double Dare" host Liza Koshy, while Joel just went with the volcano to find Olympic alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin.

But seriously, this one isn't a guessing game. It's JoJo Siwa.


Swan was again a little underwhelming, even as she proved she can carry a tune. There's just no passion in her voice, even as she tried to up her overall performance quality. It's as if she's perhaps so reserved in her regular life, she just can't let herself completely cut loose, despite a valiant effort. She even declared her love for Ken at the end of the song.

Guesses: She spoke of humble beginnings this week and how the power of illusion transformed her family. The package also included a "Made in Japan" tag, as wel as a sparkly blue frog and what appeared to be bright pink tea.

Joel thinks the clues refer to Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis, who starred in "Black Swan," but Jenny thinks Kristen Stewart with "new moon" and vampire clues. But Ken went with one of his former co-stars Kristen Bell, who he'd previously guessed for Kitty.

The internet isn't any more certain than the panel, with more guesses from them for Ashley Greene, though we also saw names as varied as Winona Ryder and Ali Wong, along with Kristen Stewart and some of the other judge picks.

They were actually more interested in arguing over who was worse between Swan and T-Rex this week.


Rhino once again gave a limited-range performance that was nonetheless masterfully presented. He has a really gentle quality to his voice that makes it sound very pleasant to listen to with an underlying innocence. It's a sweetness that can't be put in. He's definitely a vocal talent, though we're still not totally sold on him singing as his career.

Guesses: Rhino hinted performing for a king was in his blood, while emphasizing in his package that his wife had saved him from a freefall in his personal life before he hit rock bottom, there was a sandwich being cut, an enormous diamond ring and tennis atop a biplane, too, so it was all pretty trippy.

Robin thinks the new clues only further convinced him it was Tim Tebow, while Ken suddenly pulled Chris Pratt out of nowhere. Nicole followed butterflies in the clue package and his hard times to Ryan Lochte, ignoring the clues that didn't fit..

The internet is all over the place on this one, too, though they're mostly sticking to the country music lane, with guesses including Tim McGraw and Floria Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard. But there were some guesses pretty out there, too.


We still think Swan and JoJo -- er, we mean T-Rex are the weakest vocalists on the night. Swan is pleasant enough, but so boring.

But this show has proven they love entertainment over vocal talent, so if we had to pick we'd suspect that Swan gets the boot and JoJo-Rex continues her journey of wacky craziness.

At least Ken got the opportunity to find out who loves him so much, because it was indeed Swan who got unmasked. But who was under that long neck?

Robin's final guess circled back to last week's Nina Dobrev guess, while Ken thought of another co-star born in Japan, Olivia Munn. Nicole was thinking perhaps Megan Fox for "Jennifer's Body."

Joel was the only panelist who felt confident enough in his earlier guess to stick with it, standing by Mila Kunis, while Jenny still thinks this is Kristen Stewart, who also played Joan Jett and starred in "Charlie's Angels."

Who loves Ken that much?

Well nobody got this one right as Bella Thorne was the face revealed. It turns out Ken guessing her as Flamingo last year convinced her to do something "so amazing, so dumb" as "The Masked Singer."

The amazingly dumb journey continues next week in the Group C Championships before we hit the Super Nine on "The Masked Singer," Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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