Reza and Adam Grilled on Bathhouses, Inappropriate Texts and MJ Abortion Comment
Costars Who Totally Hated Each Other

"I acted very, very, very foolishly," admits Reza.

It's been a twisted season of "Shahs of Sunset" so far, with Reza Farahan in the middle of the most explosive storyline.

Season 8 began with Reza's husband Adam being accused of sending inappropriate text messages to friend-of-the-show Ali Ashouri, who said they felt like "sexual harassment." Adam copped to the texts, but felt they were sent in jest. Reza and Ali fought over the situation, which became even more complicated when it was suggested Mercedes "MJ" Javid told Ali to bring it all up in the first place.

In a more recent episode, Reza and MJ came face-to-face for the first time and a massive confrontation occurred. Mercedes told them to "cheat on each other, go to bathhouses," before Reza shouted, "You had ten abortions! Your uterus exploded cause you had ten abortions!"

It was brutal and, turns out, Reza really regrets it.

"Obviously, I wish I had never said that, he said on the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast. "I wish that I had never gone. I wish Nema had never told her to come to that party. Or if he did, I wish he would have given me a heads up so that I wouldn't have shown up. I was there with so much anger and rage, resentment, and betrayal that I acted very, very, very foolishly."

"But unfortunately, I had never been betrayed by my best friend of 30 years, nor did I know how I would act if I was forced into a confrontation with her because I didn't want to be there," he continued. "You saw me trying to leave. And what the audience didn't see was footage of Nema and Mike aggressively lying to me, telling me that MJ wanted to apologize and for me not to get into my Uber and for me to come down and talk to her."

"And when I came down, she told me to f--k off, get the f--k away from her," said Reza. "She threw drinks in my face and it just went downhill. But of course I regret it. Absolutely, I regret it. There was no point in it. I said it because I was hurt and angry. I regret it every single day since then. I wish I had just walked away, absolutely. It's something that I will regret for eternity. It's not something I wanted to do. But I was forced into an ambush situation by Nema and MJ. She came there wanting a confrontation and clearly, from the way that she acted, she wasn't there to make up with me. She came there locked and loaded to fight. And unfortunately, I took the bait and acted foolishly."

During the podcast interview, he also addressed MJ's claims about the two of them cheating on each other and frequenting bathhouses.

"First of all, anyone that knows me, I'm like a germaphobe. I, going to a bathhouse, I don't even know where bathhouses are, and sweetie, I'm on TV. What f--king bathhouse am I going to? That's one," he replied. "And two, cheating on each other left and right, great, if that's what she thinks, no problem, but that's not the reality in my home. So, it is what it is."

Adam was part of the interview as well, where he gave some insight into the text messages he allegedly send Ali Ashouri. "It was a a two way street," he claimed. "They were random GIFs, random pictures, random links. In the gay community, it's common for friends who have no romantic ties to send them to each other."

"He's claiming he told me to stop which is completely untrue. I have text messages where he encourages the behavior," added Adam. When TooFab spoke with Ashouri last week, he said the correspondence was "funny at first," but "turned into being more sexually explicit, the content became more aggressive and it became more personal."

Reza then criticized Ashouri for sitting on a story "that was over a year old" and waited until "cameras went up" on the new season. "If he's bringing something up from a year ago, and making it seem like it was, there was a level of urgency where he needed to come and sit and talk to me and confide in me, like he was concerned for me, that's all preposterous," said Reza.

On that note, Ashouri told TooFab he wanted to bring everything up last season, but waited because he felt Reza and Adam were already dealing with too many other issues, including their cat dying, their home being robbed and Adam dropping and breaking a $15k emerald Reza had bought for his mother.

Despite the scandal taking over the show, Reza and Adam claim all is good in their corner of the world, as they're hunkered down together for self-isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

"We get along great. We communicate. We play games — card games! Just want to clarify that. I've never played Strip Jenga, unfortunately. It sounds like a fun time, but I've never played it," said Adam. "We've just been doing yard work together, you know, we actually we just lost one of our pets Friday night. So we've been dealing with that. And that's brought us closer together. We rarely ever argue."

"Shahs of Sunset" airs Fridays on Bravo.