Three of summer's big reality shows wrapped up last night -- and we got the winner round-up for you right now!

First up, "Big Brother," which came down to Lane and Hayden facing the jury for the $500,000 prize. Hayden won after Enzo's deciding vote, Lane took home $50,000 and Britney -- whose real home just burned down -- nabbed the $25,000 "America's Choice" award.

Next, on "America's Got Talent," the finalists performed with their idols: Prince Poppycock with Donna Summer, Michael Grimm and Jewel, Fighting Gravity and Lionel Richie and Jackie Evancho and Sarah Brightman. The decision came down to Jackie and Michael -- and Michael won the $1 million.

Lastly, on "MasterChef," Shetal, Dave, Whitney and Lee entered -- but only Whitney Miller left a winner, taking home $250,000 and her own cookbook deal.

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