Was "Karma" to blame for Dean McDermott's affair on Tori Spelling?

That's what a lot of online fans of "True Tori" have been saying all season long, saying that since the former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star and Dean both cheated on their significant others with each other, that she had this coming.

In a preview clip from the upcoming reunion, Spelling is asked point blank about cheating on her ex-husband Charlie Shanian and if this is "getting a taste of your own medicine."

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From her answer, it seems like she stands by her choice, despite calling what happened "hurtful to other people."

Dean and Tori met while filming the Lifetime movie "Mind Over Murder" together in 2005. Tori had been married to Charlie since 2004, while Dean had been married to ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace for 13 years before Spelling came into the picture.

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McDermott had an affair with Emily Goodhand sometime around Christmas last year -- and has been working to get Tori back (on camera) ever since.

The reunion will air Tuesday night on Lifetime.


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