Ivanka Trump Brand's Fine Jewelry Line Is Officially Done
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Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry will officially cease production on its line of upscale necklaces, bracelets and rings which launched in 2007.

The company confirmed the news Monday that the collection, which went missing from Neiman Marcus' website in February and then subtly reappeared, is gone for good.

"As part of our company's commitment to offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points, we have decided to discontinue the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection," said President of Ivanka Trump brand Abigail Klem in a statement.

"We will be focusing our efforts on existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers — including fashion jewelry, which successfully launched last fall with price points that are aligned with the rest of our collection."

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The move come just days after a Refinery29 profile with Klem and subsequent piece claimed skyrocketing sales for the Ivanka Trump brand in February.

Since the label had been previously dropped from several retailers such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, TooFab looked into the reports to determine if the "surge" for the Ivanka brand was sales or searches.

There is still jewelry available on the brand's website, but there won't likely be a refresh of items when the current inventory is out. According to Klem, the brand is looking to focus on affordable accessories to go hand-in-hand with their line of clothing.

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