"If you're elderly, sick or poor, your luck has just run out," according to "The View" co-host Joy Behar.

Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts were the main event on the Hot Topics list Friday morning, as Behar criticized the President's plans to "cut clean water, stop helping old people and public education ... so we can all be as dumb as he is."

The biggest issue on the table was the administration's plan to cut funding for Meals on Wheels, which delivers hot meal to homebound seniors.

While Jedediah Bila pointed out the program doesn't actually get much money from the government, Sunny Hostin was adamant the cuts would have an adverse affect.

"Meals on wheels, 3.3 percent of its funding comes from government sources," Bila explained. "When you say they're cutting meals on wheels, its largely funded by private people."

"Talk to people like my grandmother, meals on wheels kept her out of a nursing home," Hostin passionately interjected. "It's not a talking point. When you look at Meals on Wheels, that helps our seniors. It helps people like my grandmother. Talk to the people that 3.3 percent is going to affect!"

Bila agreed that it's an important program, but added, "What I'm saying is 3.3% of its funding comes from the government. So even if he cuts it, you're going to have private citizens come in, corporations."

"What's your excuse for cutting the EPA? Don't you like to drink clean water?" Behar -- subbing as moderator for MIA Whoopi Goldberg -- added before throwing to a commercial.

After the break, Behar joked, "That last segment gave me such agita!"

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