'F-ck U': Rosie O'Donnell Unleashes Fury on Reporter Who Broke News of Daughter's Pregnancy
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Actress goes on Twitter tirade about "predatory," "creepy" and "cowardly" Daily Mail reporter Martin Gould.

News of Rosie O'Donnell's daughter's pregnancy is not going over well with Rosie O'Donnell.

The former "View" host and comedian has been tearing into the Daily Mail reporter who broke the news in an exclusive published Monday. "Rosie O'Donnell's estranged daughter Chelsea tells DailyMail TV she is PREGNANT but vows the star will never be a grandmother to her child as she shares memories of Rosie’s 'loving' ex-wife, who committed suicide last week," the headline of the story written by Martin Gould reads.

O'Donnell has been blowing up her Twitter feed with angry messages directed at the reporter she called "predatory," "creepy" and "cowardly," in that order.

"Hey Martin Gould - can't wait 2 meet u," she tweeted late Tuesday night with a link to the Daily Mail and this creative hashtag: "#fuckwadmartin."

Later she shared a picture identifying Gould: "thats martin gould - predatory reporter for the daily mail - old creepy man who pays my ill daughter to do interviews - fuck u Martin Gould [sic]."

"GONNA FIND U MARTIN GOULD ... U COWARDLY OLD SHIT," she added in another tweet.

Since he wrote about her problems, she decided to do a little digging on him and shared several unflattering articles about Gould's past, including a Washington Post article about Boston area police hunting the tabloid reporter down after he was charged for assault in 1997 for running an estranged wife of a Kennedy off the road in an attempt to get a picture of her.

Here's a taste of the article that has O'Donnell so upset:

Just days after Rosie O'Donnell learned that her ex-wife committed suicide, DailyMail TV has more shocking news for the one-time television talk titan.

Rosie, 55, is about to become a grandmother for the first time — but her own estranged daughter has vowed that the caustic comedienne will play no part in the upbringing of the child.

'It's very exciting and I'm looking forward to it. But Rosie will not be in my child's life — and no, I do not feel sad about that to be honest,' Chelsea Alliegro said.

Instead, she said she will consider Rosie's first wife Kelli Carpenter and her husband's mother as the child's two grandmothers.

And now for the angry tweets:

Her most recent tweet seems to be aimed at squarely at Chelsea, who she tweeted at hours earlier with, "Stop doing interviews kid."

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