Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump for 'Flying Blind' Through North Korea Diplomacy
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"He undercut his own secretary of state about diplomacy on the North Korea problem," Clinton tells Seth Meyers one year after election loss.

Hillary Clinton stopped by Seth Meyers' "Late Night" Wednesday -- exactly one year to the day she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump -- to unload on the current administration for mishandling the North Korea situation.

When the NBC late-night host asked the former secretary of state how worried Americans should be about the current state of the U.S. State Department, she said we should "be worried about the state of the whole government."

"I know the State Department well having served there for four years," Clinton said. "There is a lot of expertise there. You know, if you're trying to figure out what to do about North Korea, don't you think you'd want people who actually speak the language and know the history and may have had some previous experience?"

Meyers chimed in, "Well, no, 'cause I have Wikipedia."

"And people whispering in your ears who have no basis in Wikipedia," she added.

Clinton noted that the heads of the various countries Trump has been meeting with are all well-versed, knowledgeable and prepared. They also know our country's weaknesses.

"He's just flying blind," she said of Trump. "He doesn't listen to people. He undercut his own secretary of state about diplomacy on the North Korea problem."

Clinton said Trump's approach "weakens us" and "gives a lot of aid and comfort to these leaders of countries that are trying to frankly take advantage of us during this time when we don't seem to have a particular strategic understanding of our role in the world."

"There is a sense of demoralization," she continued. "People who I know -- some of whom are still there, most of whom have now left -- really feel like the country is kind of going off in the wrong direction because diplomacy is key to solving any of these contentious problems, and if you don't pay attention to the people who have a contribution to make -- you're just kind of making it up as you go -- then you're going to lose a lot of the expertise and experience that we've built up over generations."

Clinton also made a point to speak about the Democratic victory in Virginia Tuesday night, saying that "the fever is finally breaking" and that Americans are saying, "'You know what? We really like our health care, we don't like hatred and bigotry, and we don't want to get shot wherever we go.'"

"There is a growing awareness that the only way to reverse this is actually to go out and vote, and vote for people who have your values and will stand up and fight for them," she said. "There's that old comment that goes back years: We know we will have reached equality when a mediocre woman can win just like a mediocre man. And I don't say that as being in any way disrespectful."

"It's complementary to some men," Meyers added.

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