"Can't repeat the past, of course you can!"

Leonardo DiCaprio brings the past to life in the latest trailer for the highly anticipated film adaptation of  "The Great Gatsby!"

In the newest sneak peek, you see much more of Leo in full Jay Gatsby character -- and he's amazing. Will this movie hurry up and get here already?

We're definitely excited to see Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan) and Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) in the flick as well.

With Baz Luhrmann (known for "Moulin Rouge," "Australia," and "Romeo + Juliet") directing the film, you know it's going to be over-the-top in the best kind of way.

Are you excited to see the movie? Check out the clip above and see the new character banners below! Make sure to check out the flick in theaters May 10, 2013.