Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's new song "Accidental Racist" sparked a firestorm yesterday online -- with some slamming the song's lyrics, while others praised its honesty.

After some labeled it the "Worst Song Ever," the country singer is speaking out on the outrage in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

"I did a duet with LL Cool J, who has become one of my best friends in the world," Paisley says in an interview airing today. "It sort of deals with… I don’t know if any of you noticed but there is some racial tension, here and there. It kind of deals with that."

Paisley says he doesn't "trust" Hollywood or talk radio's handling of race issues and feels "it's music's turn to have the conversation."

In a more telling moment, Brad also says "I don't know" what they're really trying to say with the song ... only reiterating one lyric: I think the relationship between the Mason-Dixon needs some fixin'.

"Make you're own mind up [about the song]," he adds. "You can throw things at me!"

Apparently Brad felt he still had to defend his song even more after the interview, also tweeting last night "I wouldn't change a thing. This is a record meant to be FAR from easy listening. But fun. Like life. Have a ball, ya'll."

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And if you missed it yesterday, hear the song here: