The internet went crazy last week when Brad Pasiley and LL Cool J dropped their new single, "Accidental Racist" -- and "Saturday Night Live" hit the nail on the head with their latest sketch!

On Saturday, stars Keenan Thompson and Jason Sudeikis impersonated the rapper and country crooner in one spot on impression, addressing the somewhat controversial lyrics, and poking fun at the twosome's relationship in the "Weekend Update" segment.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

"Country music is about stories, OK. So what I wanted to do was show folks the gritty racial reality of a man in Starbucks talkin' to his barista," Sudeikis (Paisley) said in the sketch. Thompson (Cool J) added, "And I wanted to tell the story of a rapper, you know what I'm sayin', who needs to get his name out there because he has a new album about to drop."

"Racism is cured, y'all!"

Looks like Brad liked the sketch too:

What do you think of "SNL's" skit? Are you a fan of Paisly and Cool J's new tune? Sound off below!