Teresa Giudice isn't the only "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star on the defense.

Melissa Gorga appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" on Friday to explain the controversial comments in her new book, "Love Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage."

In the book, Melissa wrote:

“Men, I know you think your woman isn’t the type who wants to be taken. But trust me, she is. Every girl wants to get her hair pulled once in a while. If your wife says ‘no,’ turn her around, and rip her clothes off. She wants to be dominated."

When Wendy Williams raised the point that some critics are saying her statement advocates rape, Melissa responded, "That's so gross. That's disgusting."

"We're talking about playfulness. We're talking about like 'I don't want it tonight. Yes you do. Give it to me,'" Melissa explained. "We're not talking about like, 'I have a headache and I don't want it tonight,' and your husband takes it from you."

Wendy said she understood what Melissa meant, but do you?

Of course, Wendy had to ask Melissa how her relationship is with Teresa, and her feelings on her sister-in-law's fraud indictment.

"We're in a much better place than we've been in a really long time,and we're trying for the kids," Melissa responded. "Obviously, she's in a very difficult situation and I'm just here to support."

Check out the clip above to see whether Melissa thinks Teresa is guilty or not, and how she felt about Teresa's husband Joe Giudice saying that they would'nt give their kids to Melissa and her husband if they go to jail.

Plus, be sure to tune into Part 1 of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reunion this Sunday on Bravo!