Did Hollywood learn nothing from "The Lone Ranger"?

Rooney Mara has reportedly been tapped to play Native American princess Tiger Lily in an upcoming adaptation of Peter Pan called "Pan."

The movie is described as an "origin" tale for the title character and will costar Garrett Hedlund and Hugh Jackman.

According to Variety, the film's world is "multi-racial/international -- and a very different character than previously imagined."

So far, the casting doesn't seem all that "multi-racial" though, and critics have been quick to call out Rooney's role in particular.

FYI: The actress is of Irish, German, Italian and French-Canadian descent ... and, at least to our knowledge, not Native American.

Here's a sampling of the backlash below:

Johnny Depp faced similar criticism when he was cast as Tonto in "The Lone Ranger."

While nobody is saying Rooney is a bad actress, is she right for the part? Sound off below!

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