After a season premiere that attracted 17.3 million viewers and made Carol everyone's favorite survivor, "The Walking Dead" returned this week with a final moment that made everyone at home go "Oh, no they didn't!"

So instead of going through this week's episode in order, let's start with that horrific final scene. Once again, Josh McDermitt -- aka mulleted-wonder Dr. Eugene Porter -- is recapping with us this week to give us some insight into what's to come and some behind-the-scenes intel from the set!

Let's dig into "Strangers." Here are 5 things we just need to talk about.

1.) Bob's BBQ

The episode ended with Gareth and his thugs from Terminus kidnapping Bob, who woke up to find himself tied up at a campfire in the middle of the woods. So, what was cooking? HIS DAMN LEG!!!

"It didn't start that way, eating people. It evolved into that, we evolved. We had to. And now, we've devolved into hunters. I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you now is personal," Gareth menacingly told Bob, as the camera zoomed out to see his entire left leg was gone. "A man's gotta eat. If it makes you feel any better, you taste better than we thought you would."

After months of speculation and a premiere that pretty much confirmed Terminus was populated with cannibals, now we're 100% sure. 

"I remember reading the script and when I got to that part, I started shaking my head and I yelled, "I LOVE WORKING ON THIS SHOW!!!," McDermitt tells toofab. "I don't know what they were eating, specifically, but I think Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. (Bob) is a method actor so I think it was actually him. I may be wrong about that..."

Let's hope he is. But that brings us to our next question ...

2.) Was Bob Infected?

We got to see a lot of Bob this week and it was the kind of spotlighting reserved for someone who might be about to get killed off. The relationship between him and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) was also highlighted more than ever before, making it more emotional if he were to die.

When Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Bob and Father Gabriel (more on him later) went for supplies, Bob got attacked by a waterlogged zombie ... and it's extremely possible he got bit. 

With him asking Sasha for one more kiss and the shot of him crying by himself outside, it seems like Bob was preparing to say goodbye. So, what does that mean for Gareth and his crew, who just chowed down on potentially contaminated meat? Guess we'll find out next week.

3.) Father Gabriel Joins the Group

Another character from the comics made his debut on Sunday's episode: Father Gabriel, played by Seth Gilliam ... who, like Chad L. Coleman, is also an alum of "The Wire."

The jittery holy man was clearly hiding something, but refused to come clean about it to Rick. "I'm a sinner, I sin almost every day. But the sins, I confess them to God. Not strangers," he told Grimes.

So, what do you think he did? That "YOU'LL BURN FOR THIS" message carved on the side of the church was pretty damning -- but maybe he'll redeem himself.

"It was so cool to work with Seth Gilliam. It seems like every person I work with nowadays was on 'The Wire,'" says McDermitt. "I just started watching it and Seth quickly became a favorite of mine. It's cool to work with people who's work you know and who you're a fan of. I remember as Gabriel he had to scream for "help" A LOT. At the end of the day the crew clapped for him and I remember thinking, 'This guy is legit.' I love watching Seth work."

4.) "Walking Dead" Goes to Washington

After an incredibly convincing speech from Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and approval from baby Judith, Rick is officially on board with the trip to Washington D.C. -- where Eugene hopes to create a cure for the walkers.

"It's great that so much hope for this group is coming from Eugene. This is a dark, horrible, gruesome world to live in. It's a huge responsibility for Eugene, but he's got a great team backing him up," Josh says of this week's decision. "The plan has always been to get to Washington... the more, the merrier!"

Are you still skeptical about the trip?

5.) Caryl's on the Case!

Finally ... we might get some answers about Beth.

We haven't seen Hershel's daughter since she was kidnapped last season, but now, two of the most capable people in the "Walking Dead" universe are on her trail.

After spotting the same car that drove off with Beth in the middle of the woods near Gabriel's church, Carol and Daryl hopped into a working vehicle they just happened to find and followed in hot pursuit.

Hopefully we'll get even more next week!

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Josh's Badass of the Week: Michael Cudlitz.

"His speech was awesome - I watched him do that speech 25 different ways and it rallied the troops every time. The guy is a machine!!!"

What did you guys all thing of "Strangers"? Sound off below!