In the '90s, there was no feud greater than the one between Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC. As fans, we could only truly love one of them -- you either went wild for Justin Timberlake's curls or drooled for Nick Carter's bowl cut.

But was there ever a true rivalry between the guys themselves?

toofab's Brian Particelli caught up with Joey Fatone and AJ McLean at Comic-Con on Thursday in San Diego, where they were promoting their upcoming SyFy film created by Carter himself. Yep, you read that correctly -- Nick Carter wrote a zombie western called "Dead 7," and he got an *NSYNCer to star in the film!

"There was never any kind of rivalry," McLean tells toofab, alongside Fatone. "Him and I grew up in the same town together, Howie and Chris went to college together. The media just manifested and tried to force it. Two same management, same label, there’s gotta be something so let’s make it."


Since everything seems kosher between them all now, we had to ask: Which Backstreet song was Joey's favorite ... and vice versa for AJ. You gotta see their responses above, McLean even sings a little *NSYNC for us.

"My wife was a bigger *NSYNC fan than Backstreet fan," AJ adds. "She saw Pop Odyssey and the tour before that because she was like, 'I think they’re way better dancers than you guys.'"

Check out more from the hilarious interview with the guys above -- plus, see the two *NSYNC tattoos Joey has around his ankle. They'll ignite some serious flashbacks!