Ben Affleck Reveals Massive Back Tattoo, Spotted Holding Hands with Sienna Miller!
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Back in July, Ben Affleck revealed a glimpse at a tattoo on his lower back, one many assumed was a new tramp stamp ... but, in fact, it's so much more!

The actor was spotted on the set of his new flick, "Live By Night," while wearing an untied hospital gown in Los Angeles this week, where he gave us a much better look at the massive piece.

Covering his entire backside is a colorful phoenix and, according to Us Magazine, it's not part of his costume. "He got it done at home recently," a source tells the mag.

The mythological creature, which burns brightly before death only to rise again from its ashes, is symbolic of renewal and rebirth, something that may have been on Ben's mind since his split from wife Jennifer Garner.

Ben's back isn't the only thing that caught our eye on the set of the '20s crime drama though.

While between scenes, the 43-year-old actor was spotted holding hands with costar Sienna Miller, 33. While she was all made up, he was sporting a Patriots knit had, sweater and jeans, clearly not part of the scene. It's more than possible they could just be shaking hands or he could be helping her around set. Basically, it's a fairly innocent shot everyone's going to start reading a lot into.

A set "source" told People that there's "no sign" of a romance between the two -- and that Ben has been "very professional."

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