No one is safe!

Jimmy Kimmel recruited some of our favorite singers for the third music edition of his hilarious segment, "Mean Tweets," to celebrate the 2016 Grammy Awards during "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Monday.

Check out the video above to see stars like Blake Shelton, Demi Lovato, Drake and Kelly Clarkson's responses to some pretty harsh tweets about their singing skills.

One of our favorite reactions was Clarkson, who couldn't contain her laughter while reading her mean tweet. "Well Kelly Clarkson is on, time to go poop," she said while giggling.

Shelton looked less than amused reading a more aggressive tweet. "If I could choose to punch one piece of s--t in the face it would be Blake Shelton f--k that bloated a--hole," he said with a slight grin.

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And Drake just looked confused reading his tweet: "Drake looks like a ferret with a baby afro!"

Make sure to check out the video above to see One Direction, Rita Ora, Lionel Richie and The Killers read some of their meanest tweets!

Which one is your favorite? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more star-studded photos from the 2016 Grammy Awards!

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