Wow! Wait Until You See Former "Real World" Stars NOW!

In 2002, MTV aired the first ever threesome to appear on "The Real World" -- but it's what you didn't see on TV that tells the "real" story.

Almost 15 years ago, seven strangers were picked to live together in one decked-out suite at the Palms. With a hot tub, free-flowing booze and a crop of cast members hand selected for drama, the first Las Vegas season of the series is, by far, one of its most memorable.

With MTV returning to Sin City for the third time in its 31st season -- "Real World: Go Big or Go Home" premieres Thursday, March 17 at 10:00 PM ET/PT -- we're taking it back to that original crop.

Brynn Smith, Trishelle Cannatella, Alton Williams, Steven Hill, Frank Roessler, Arissa Hill and Irulan Wilson all agreed to have their lives taped as they hooked up, partied the night away at Rain nightclub and, yes, fought with forks for the show's 12th iteration.

In an exclusive interview with toofab, Brynn looks back at her tumultuous time on the show.

"Now I feel very old," she tells us when reminded how long it's been since her season aired. "I only hear that 'Real World' is still going on when someone mentions it. I do not have cable and MTV would be the last channel on in my house."

It's not only MTV she's missing out on these days though. "I occasionally chat with Irulan via text," she adds. "I haven’t actually seen anyone since that reunion show in Vegas [in 2007]. I couldn’t even tell you where anyone lives anymore."

During her time on the reality show, Brynn was definitely put in the "wild child" box. She got in some intense fights, was involved in a love triangle and even started working as a go-go dancer to make some extra cash.

"I don’t think I was the 'bad girl,'" she says looking back. "I think that MTV knows what they are looking for and typecast based on that. They don't really set up stuff in the sense of 'You stand here and you stand here and then fight,' but they set up the house for conflict -- 7 people and two showers with 3 shower heads -- and pair you with people that they know you may not enjoy."

But what about the people she did enjoy. Specially, Trishelle and Stephen, who she got hot and heavy with in the hot tub ... before taking things back to the bedroom.

"Well, we were pretty intoxicated," Brynn says of the now-classic moment. "I actually only kissed Steven and Trishelle and when we went into the bedroom, they continued to mess around with each other and I left, but of course you don’t see that on the show, it was cut out." 

"I do not feel that I played anything up for TV, I do however feel that just being in that situation that your emotions are on alert and magnified," Bynn adds of her on-screen behavior.

Here's how it aired on MTV back in the day:

These days, Brynn has gone from hard-partier to mother-of-three -- and says her kids, so far, haven't seen the worst of it.

"I told my oldest son, 12, that I was on a show and let him see a few interviews and pictures, but he seemed uninterested," she explains. "If and when they have questions, I will answer them honestly. I'm not ashamed. I hope to avoid showing them more than needed until they start doing things themselves that I want them to refrain from. Then I will show them why I'm so strict, cause they don’t need to do what I did!"

After "Real World" wrapped, Brynn ended up marrying the guy she was dating on the show, Austin Cain. They now live a relatively normal life in Portland, Oregon.

"I'm kind of a boring suburban mom," she tells us. "3 kids all in activities, married for 12 years. I work part time for an orthodontist, so my kids can get braces for free. I try to work out as much as I can and when I'm not, I'm usually drinking wine with friends in my mom uniform -- yoga pants, Uggs and a sweatshirt. Now this is life in the Real World!"

Brynn's mother, who went to rehab while she was in Las Vegas, passed away from an accidental overdose three years ago.

"I wish I would have had more fun and taken advantage of the opportunities more," she reflects. As for her message to her younger self: "Relax, enjoy and don't drink so much!!!!"

Lastly, we had to ask what she'd support her kids if they ever wanted to audition.

"Sure! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, go for it," she says. "Just don't throw forks at people!"

Watch the utensil brawl in question below:

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