Who knew Ross had this in him?

On last night's "The Late Late Show," James Corden had his second "Drop the Mic" rap battle of the week -- taking on David Schwimmer (and surprise guest Rebel Wilson) after going head-to-head against Anne Hathaway.

As usual, things got pretty personal between these guys -- as they bashed each other's careers and even middle names.

"Millennials let me introduce you to this guy, his name is David, he was famous in 95," Corden kicked it off. "He was on TV then, now it's 2016 and he has no 'Friends.'"

James then went in on David's appearance on "The People v. O.J. Simpson" earlier this year.

"He was a Kardashian on TV but that was only for pretend," Corden rapped. "You played Robert and that was a great combo, but you're so white, you should have played the Bronco!"


David's response: "To be clear, I love the English, I married your kind. But why your wife chose you, I'm sorry, she blind?"

"Did you think I'd be scared, walk around gingerly, when everyone knows your middle name's Kimberly," David continued ... and yes, that is actually his middle name.

Just when they were about to announce a winner though, Rebel inexplicably showed up to spit a verse or two of her own, dissing both of the men in the process.

"David, your career, it's a huge mistake, it's like Ross and Rachel, it's on a break," she joked of Schwimmer.

As for Corden, she had this gem: "Your rhymes are nonexistent, like my inner thigh gap!"

Watch the entire segment above -- who do you think won?

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