Now this is one very interesting interview.

Valeria Lukyanova became an Internet sensation back in 2012, after her seemingly impossible proportions, mesmerizing makeup and overall doll-like appearance earned her the nickname of Human Barbie.

In the years since, the Ukranian beauty has continued to confuse us with each new photo she posts, as she's gone on to write books on spirituality, DJ around the world and even kickstart an acting career.

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Lukyanova was in Los Angeles this month to film scenes for an upcoming horror flick called "The Doll," where she plays the homicidal title character ... and agreed to visit toofab's studios for a rare on-camera interview.

We took fans questions for one portion of the sit-down, which was done with the help of a translator.

What followed was a different kind of one-on-one for us, as the viral star barely blinked while fielding questions about plastic surgery, her childhood, her critics and the biggest misconceptions about her personal life.

Check out the video above to see how much she's really changed through the years and to hear what she sounds like when she speaks.

And be sure to click through the gallery to see some of her most unbelievable photos!

We'll have more with Valeria next week, as she opens up about her horror flick and what it was like working with Ron Jeremy. Yes, that Ron Jeremy.