Hollywood's History of Sexual Misconduct

In more optimistic news, a bunch of A-list female talent and executives are teaming up to find a solution to Hollywood harassment.

Louis C.K. and Ed Westwick are both facing major career fallout Friday as a result of multiple sexual assault or misconduct allegations levied at the actors.

C.K.'s movie "I Love You, Daddy" was dumped by its distributor just before it was set to premiere, while BBC axed a Westwick TV project.

In other news today in Hollywood harassment, "Mudbound" actress Lucy Faust told TooFab she walked off the set of a project early on in her career because a director put her in an uncomfortable situation, and Gina Rodriguez is taking personal action to make sure she's not empowering abusers. A slew of A-list female stars are also teaming up to find a solution to the problem that has been an issue for decades, but thanks to a sudden shift in culpability, is finally starting to be dealt with at every level.

Here's the latest:

Louis C.K.

Netflix has dropped C.K.'s next stand-up special following the New York Times exposé detailing the claims of five women who accused the comedian of masturbating in front of them and during a phone call.

"The allegations made by several women in the New York Times about Louis C.K.'s behavior are disturbing. Louis' unprofessional and inappropriate behavior with female colleagues has led us to decide not to produce a second stand-up special, as had been planned," a rep for Netflix said.

Film distribution company The Orchard also dumped C.K.'s new comedy "I Love You, Daddy," which was supposed to be released in theaters next week. The company cancelled the scheduled New York premiere on Thursday and issued the following statement: "The Orchard will not be moving forward with the release of I Love You, Daddy."

"I Love You, Daddy" made controversial headlines in September when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, because in one scene Charlie Day's character pretends to masturbate in front of other people.

C.K. broke his silence Friday saying the women's recounts of what occurred are true. Click below to read the full statement.

Ed Westwick

BBC has decided delay Westwick's mini-series drama "Ordeal By Innocence," about a wealthy philanthropist who is murdered at her family estate, in wake of two rape allegations against the actor, who has denied the claims from two women and said he's cooperating with authorities so he can clear his name.

Westwick, most famous for his role on former CW drama "Gossip Girl," has also "paused" from filming his latest show, "White Gold."

"These are serious allegations which Ed Westwick has strenuously denied. The BBC is not making any judgement but until these matters are resolved we will not include 'Ordeal by Innocence' in the schedules. The independent production company making 'White Gold' has informed us that Ed Westwick has paused from filming while he deals with these allegations," BBC said in a statement.

Lucy Faust

Faust walked off the set of a film early in her career because a director was sexually harassing her, the "Mudbound" actress exclusively told TooFab Thursday at the movie's AFI Fest premiere. She didn't name the director or the movie.

"I was involved in a film a long time ago and the director wanted me to do something, just dress a certain way and act a certain way for this scene," she told TooFab. "I was just starting out and I said, 'You know this is not what I signed up for,' and I said, 'I'm not going to do it.'"

"The sense of shame that filled me at the thought of doing this, I thought you know, I don't want to do this, so I told him that and I'm still shaking talking about it," Faust continued. "My heart was pounding. I called my then-boyfriend and said, 'I need you to come pick me up' and they said, 'You're making a big mistake.'"

Faust ignored the threat from the filmmaker, and now has 25 acting credits to her name, including TV shows "Salem," "Zoo" and "American Horror Story."

Gina Rodriguez

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rodriguez is looking for new representation after learning both an agent at her former agency, APA, and her manager at Primary Wave Entertainment are facing sexual misconduct allegations.

The actress' manager, David Guillod, resigned once a former client of his accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2012. APA fired Tyler Grasham following allegations of sexual harassment and assault from underaged men.

Rodriguez has been with APA since 2012. The agency helped her land her breakout, Golden Globe-winning role The CW's "Jane the Virgin."

A-List Women Unite

Following the flood of allegations flowing through Hollywood this fall, Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman are just a few of the powerful women who are brainstorming solutions for a safe working environment.

The group, according to The LA Times, also includes TV producer Shonda Rhimes, "Spider-Man: Homecoming" producer Amy Pascal, "Star Wars" producer Kathleen Kennedy, several female agents and women's rights advocates.

The women have met at least twice at Creative Artists Agency in the past few weeks.

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