6 Things We Learned About Jennifer Lawrence From Oprah Winfrey Interview
Jennifer Lawrence's Jaw-Dropping 'mother!' Press Tour Looks

Lawrence talks reclaiming her sexuality, equality, and which reality TV stars she wants at a dinner party.

Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of her game professionally, but no one sits atop a peak of success like Oprah Winfrey. It was bound to be a great conversation when Winfrey agreed to interview Lawrence for The Hollywood Reporter's "Women in Entertainment" issue, and neither lady disappointed.

Lawrence opened up about her insecurities, the 2014 nude photo hack, the MeToo movement, and even prepared her words carefully for what she would say should she ever meet the president.

Below are the six most interesting revelations from the THR interview.

Insecurity Came With Success

While you wouldn't expect it, Lawrence says that she's actually gotten more anxious about her career and future the more successful she's become. When Winfrey asked her what comes with being an Oscar-winning actress at just 27 years old, Lawrence responded, "Fear."

"You're immediately hit with fear," she continued. "Or at least I was. I had been climbing and working and fighting, and I remember last year just getting hit with fear. All of a sudden it was, 'They're going to get sick of me.' That's when all my insecurity came. I've been probably more insecure after last year, and I don't know if that's just a feeling of: I've got more to lose, I have more people to disappoint. I don't know how to explain it."

This could have been fueled in part to the negative fan response she received for her work on "mother!," Darren Aronofsky’s allegorical horror film that was a dramatic departure from her previous work. "I loved this so much, and it just broke my heart," Lawrence said of the online backlash.

'Red Sparrow' Was Reclaiming Control of Her Sexuality

Lawrence's next project is a film called "Red Sparrow," and it also pushes the actress in a new direction. "'Red Sparrow' was sexual, and I haven't done anything sexy or sexual," Lawrence said.

The decision is in part because of how exposed she felt after the 2014 nude photo hack that released thousands of images of female celebrities across the internet, including Lawrence.

And so she decided that was it, telling Winfrey, "I just thought, 'I'll never do that again. I'll never share that part of myself ever since it got shared against my will.' And then when I said yes to 'Red Sparrow,' I felt I was taking something back."

"It's taking somebody's intellectual property but also my body," she said of the hacking incident. "It was violating on a sexual level."

Wants a Commission to Protect Young Actresses

Lawrence did share her own harassment story, involving a lineup with thinner women where she was asked to lose 15 pounds in two weeks, despite also being declared "already f-ckable." She tried to address it at the time, but "there's not really anything anybody can do because the behavior is so normalized."

That changes as you grow in your career. "You become more powerful, and people start f-cking with you less," she said. And that's where the idea of a commission for actresses came from.

"If every A-list actor decides to join this commission, we know everybody in the industry," she said. "I know every studio head in town. If I'm on this commission, and [if] I get an email about somebody being treated badly on a set, I can send an email. We have to all put our heads together and figure out how to not let this moment go, not just be like, 'Oh, well, that was crazy.' Something has to really get done."

Social Change Begins With Equality

For Lawrence, the fundamental change that needs to happen between men and women in the workplace begins with equality. She famously went public about pay disparity in Hollywood back in 2014.

"Men need more social awareness, but this comes down to equality, and until all women in every job are paid equally for the same amount of work, how are we ever going to be thought of as equals?" Lawrence said. "As long as there is one group of humans that is overruling another one, there's going to be abuse."

As to why she spoke up about it, Lawrence felt she didn't have an option, crediting the 2014 Sony hack which exposed gender-based pay disparity within that company.

"When the Sony hack happened, I was like, "You know what? F-ck it. I'm not the only woman who's going through this. If everybody's looking at it anyway and everybody's talking about it--' I didn't see an option other than saying something. I had just had it up to my f-cking eyeballs."

Ready to Talk to Trump, Other Powerful Men

When asked if she'd ever like to meet Donald Trump, Lawrence said, she was prepared. "I've got a pretty good speech. And it ends with a martini to the face," she said with a laugh. But it isn't just him she's ready to have it out with.

"I have something to say for all of them," she said of the men who've been accused of sexual misconduct. "I watch different characters on the news, and I'm like, 'You just wait.'"

While she wouldn't go into details about what she'd say, she did tell Winfrey, "I've been waiting for this moment. I'll give you a hint — it's not nice. You wouldn't want me to say it to you."

Her Dream Dinner Party Is Reality TV Stars

In the realm of "Celebrities! They're just like us," Lawrence was ashamed at her own answer to one of Winfrey's questions. She was asked to name three people, living or dead, that she would like to have at a dinner party. This opened the field to political luminaries, famous thinkers, artists, and leaders throughout history.

That's not the direction Lawrence went at all, though.

"Scott Disick ("Keeping Up With the Kardashians"), Luann (De Lesseps, "Real Housewives of New York"), Bethenny Frankel ("RHONHY")," she said. "And I'm not proud of that, but that's what comes from my heart."

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