Gael Garcia Bernal Sang His Heart Out at the Oscars and Twitter Tore Him Apart for It
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"Gael Garcia Bernal made Fergie’s National Anthem seem like Whitney Houston in her prime," tweeted one user about his performance of the Oscar-nominated "Coco" song.

"Coco" may be one of the most beloved films of the year, a big winner at 90th Academy Awards, but that doesn't mean it's beyond criticism. Oscar fans were not at all impressed with the live performance of "Remember Me" from the film, particularly because of Gael Garcia Bernal's role in it.

Bernal performed alongside Miguel and Natalia LaFourcade for the live performance, but they are singers and he is an actor. In fact, him not being a singer is significant for the song and the performance -- his character is a songwriter, not a singer in the film -- but that didn't come across satisfactorily to viewers at home. All they saw was a man not quite nailing it on stage as well as his fellow performers. And that was putting it much kinder than many on Twitter did.

The actor admitted to Entertainment Weekly to feeling the nerves prior to his performance. "Oh man, I’m beyond [nervous]. Thanks for reminding me," he said. "I never imagined I would be singing at the Oscars, at all, like ever in my life." After the response he received to his first time, he may never again.

Below are some of the most scathing reviews of Bernal's performance, along with a few who threw him their support and appreciation.

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