Macaulay Culkin Wore Tuxedo to Live Tweet the Oscars and His Commentary Is Gold
2018 Academy Awards: Every Look from the Red Carpet

The former child star live tweets the Oscars without actually watching them, and it was better that way.

Macaulay Culkin staged his own counter-Oscars on Sunday night for his Twitter followers, and they were loving it. He dressed up in a tuxedo and chronicled Hollywood's biggest night, but with a twist. "I will be live tweeting the Oscars tonight," he explained to his followers, "but I won't be watching them."

Nevertheless, his fans got plenty of commentary about the Oscars and the nominees, and even several videos showing what Culkin was up to throughout the night. He was dressed to the nines so he could do important things like play with action figures, paint his nails and cook ramen noodles. A blogger's gotta eat!

We're not usually about hoping that someone doesn't perform award-worthy work in their chosen career, but we do find ourselves kind of hoping that Culkin continues to not go to the Oscars, so he can keep up the good work of providing a solid alternative for people who want to be tangentially aware of the Oscars without having to deal with all those tedious speeches that get played off by the orchestra.

Below are some of his best bits from the night, chronicling the Oscars ceremony he could only see in his vivid imagination. We kind of want to spend some more time there.

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