Kendra Wilkinson Goes on Another Emotional Twitter Spree Amid Hank Baskett Split Speculation
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After previously talking about her marriage "issues" on social media, Kendra says she'll "always love Hank."

With rumors of a split swirling all around the internet, Kendra Wilkinson posted a serious of cryptic tweets about love, happiness and husband (for now) Hank Baskett.

"I can’t stand marital advice. Lol. The Dalai Lama is the only one who can give me any type to real shit advice," she tweeted, adding, "Marital advice makes me 🤢."

When a fan commented, "No wonder you where you are," Kendra responded, "I guess so. Yep."

Another fan asked if she was "happy even with Hank" right now, Wilkinson added, "I will always love Hank. Always."

When one of her many followers applauded her for "always being real in every situation" she finds herself in, she added, "I call it my art." Wilkinson also tweeted that "The universe doesn't stop for you," optimistically adding, "whatever is supposed to happen will happen. At the end if all u have is faith, love and positive outlook then it's a good day.

The 32-year-old "Kendra on Top" star previously opened up about having "issues" in her marriage with Baskett, issues they were "trying too hard to overcome." She added they were not faking the drama for their reality show. Kenda also had a mini-breakdown in her Instagram stories over the weekend, sharing a slew of black-and-white selfies with cryptic text over her face.

"Life isn't making any sense to me right now," she wrote on Sunday. "Sorry I've been MIA. How much strength does it take to be strong? I try to so hard to be good but never good enough. Therapy is for the birds. I need to love myself again, and I will. Life is too precious. No matter what... I am labeled: Playboy party girl. Bad mom. D-list celebrity. Crazy. Always wrong. Sometimes a hug is all I need, but I guess I'm covered in thorns. Thank u to those behind me n pushing me with love. My next fight will be for the KO. Tomorrow is a new day. I will smile. Goodnight."

She was not wearing a ring at the time.

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