Miley Cyrus Thinks New York Post Should Be 'Ashamed' for Shaming Her and 7 More Things We Learned From 'Kimmel'

"It was really wrong for someone to put on top of someone that this is my shame," she tells Jimmy Kimmel after retracting apology for 10-year-old Vanity Fair photo.

Miley Cyrus tore into The New York Post and spilled so many more random fun facts when she sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night.

The ABC late-night host asked the pop star -- who is now also a clothing and shoe designer with her own line for Converse -- about her tweet Sunday retracting an apology for that decade-old Vanity Fair photo shoot in which she posed for photographer Annie Leibovitz in just a sheet.

"I think a lot of things have changed, and I think the conversation has changed a lot," she told Kimmel. "Something that I really thought about was, sure, some people thought I did something wrong in their eyes, but I think it was really wrong for someone to put on top of someone that this is my shame and I should be ashamed of myself. That’s not a nice thing to tell someone that they should be ashamed of themselves. Except Donald Trump."

"I'M NOT SORRY. F-ck YOU," Cyrus tweeted with the Post cover touting "Miley's Shame," centered around the former "Hannah Montana" star's "near-nude" picture.

At the time, Cyrus released a statement that she was "embarrassed" by the "silly, inappropriate shots." But looking back, she maintains they weren't inappropriate at all, and she simply released the statement so the gossip would go away.

"To me, I think, being a role model has been my free spiritedness and sometimes my unapologetic for decisions that I feel comfortable with," she said. "For me, when this photo was taken … my little sister was here on set. She actually was sitting with Annie Leibovitz taking photos, too, and there was nothing sexualized about this on set and it was everyone else’s poisonous thoughts and minds that ended up turning this into something it wasn’t meant to be, so actually, I shouldn’t be ashamed, they should be."

Here are 7 more things we learned about the singer from her wide-ranging, but very open and honest interview with Kimmel.

  • Why she was do damn scared by fiancé Liam Hemsworth jumping out to scare her in a video he shared on social media the other day. "I was already in this really creepy basement, and so I was coming up to say, 'Oh my God, that basement is so scary,' and then he jumped out at the worst time."

  • She's still not smoking pot. "I am very focused on what I'm working on right now. I also think it's the most magical, amazing -- it's my first true love, but it's just not for me at this time in my life. But I'm sure there will be a day when I happily indulge."

  • But she did have her grandma cook her pot brownies before the VMAs this past year. Sort of. "We told my grandma she was going to cook brownies ... and then we superimposed marijuana into her -- I don't know if she actually watched the VMAs, but sorry mamy, you cooked edibles -- but she doens't know. She really cook brownies, then we added weed in post."

  • She just put her Christmas decorations away now. "I know it's May, and I was putting our Christmas decorations away, finally. I like lights and I like shiny things and elves, and they just live for a whole summer. So now it was time, May 1, Santa's gotta go."

  • A fan gave her a pet pig and she hid it in a Four Seasons hotel once. "Someone brought her to a meet greet and said, 'Hey, i know you love animals, here!' And then I actually took the pig to a Four Seasons in Chicago and hid her in the closet every time I got room service. Dogs and cats were kind of allowed, but I had a feeling a pig was a hard no."

  • Hemsworth thinks Miley is a hoarder, but he's wrong -- she's a collector. "That thin line that divides hoarding and collecting is keeping things in the package, having things in the boxes. So for example, I have saved for probably 15 years now, a bag of peanuts from Southwest Airlines, but they're still in the bag, so that is collecting. Loose peanuts, that's hoarding... they represent the beginning of this life for me, because I was on my way to LA for the first time to audition for 'Hannah Montana.'"

  • She streaked Cracker Barrel once. "Actually, this isn't that strange, but it was when I was 3. I stripped naked in a Cracker Barrel because my parents made me wear tights and socks, and they were driving me crazy because I don't like clothes and I don't like socks. And now here I am selling both of those things, so actually I take that back, I love them.

But don't just settle for our recap. Watch Miley's entire interview below for yourself.

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