Celine Dion's Son Drops Explicit Rap Aimed at His Haters: 'Y'all Can Go Suck a Dick!'
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"The apple don't fall far from the tree, so this is god sent," he raps.

17-year-old René-Charles Angelil is following in mom Celine Dion's music-making footsteps, but his NSFW tracks are a far cry from "My Heart Will Go On."

The young rapper -- who performs under the name Big Tip -- dropped three songs on Tuesday, followed up with another diss track aimed at some of his critics on Wednesday.

The first trio of songs he released included cover versions of The Weeknd's "Loft Music" and "Catwalks," as well as an original titled "Never Stop." In that latter track, he rapped about his upbringing and desire to enter the music business, with lyrics like, "At 8 years old, I was counting cars and learning how to manage, I was a mini 21 Savage."

Though the comments on both his Soundcloud and Instagram pages were largely positive -- and the songs jumped to the top of Soudcloud's R&B/New & Hot chart -- Angelil must have seen some backlash.

Addressing those who "said I was too generic" and that "I ain't find my style yet," he dropped a song called "The Apple" this morning, referencing his famous family's musical pedigree.

"The apple don't fall far from the tree, so this is God sent," he raps. "I wanna get right in they head so they can't ignore me, I wanna make it to the top, but I won't stop, I got the major keys but I still keep this shit on lock, yeah and I got these bitches topless, they say I'm an asshole cuz I only spit hot shit."

Other choice lyrics include: "Ima break it down for 'em, ima make it real easy, dropped two chart toppers and said it was cheesy, y'all can go suck a dick, I'm making major moves, y'all on some petty shit, I do not f-ck with."

He ended the track by talking into the mic, "I just hope that one was as painful as the other ones."

René-Charles is Celine's oldest son with late husband René Angelil, who managed Dion before he passed away at the age of 73 in 2016.

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