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Meghan McCain argues that anyone invited to the White House "should go, period."

Donald Trump canceled a visit from the Philadelphia Eagles after he said "only a small number of players decided to come," a move that sparked debate among the women of "The View" on Tuesday morning.

While most of the co-hosts celebrated some of the players for seemingly protesting the president by declining the invitation, Meghan McCain tried to argue that anyone who scores a meeting with POTUS should take it.

"The Philadelphia Eagles football team was invited to the White House. Unfortunately, only a small number of players decided to come, and we canceled the event," Trump tweeted last night. "Staying in the locker room for the playing of our national anthem is as disrespectful to our country as kneeling. Sorry."

He added the bit about staying in the locker despite the fact that none of the Eagles took a knee during the anthem in 2017. After Trump's statement, wide receiver Torrey Smith tweeted, "No one refused to go simply because Trump 'insists' folks stand for the anthem" and accused Trump of continuing "to spread the false narrative that players are anti military." He added, "The men and women that wanted to go should've been able to go."

"I think he feels this resonates with his base," Sunny Hostin said of Trump's tweet. "You know when there's a guy that's trying to talk to you and you reject him and he's like, 'You weren't that cute anyway'? I think that's basically what's happening with Trump. The rejection he's feeling from the cool kids ... it's really offending him."

"I think when you get invited to the White House, you should go, period," said McCain. "I think the White House and the presidency is bigger than one man. I don't like how political sports has gotten. I know it's a different time, but I do think sports should bring us together. I do think when you're invited to the White House, I don't care who you are, it's an incredible experience and I wish we could table it at this time and really just come together in one way or another."

Joy Behar said the players would be "hypocritical if they went," if they truly disagreed with with Trump and his policies.

"I think you can go like Kim Kardashian did and use that moment to say, this is why I kneel, this is why I don't," said McCain. "To start and have a conversation, I think we're just going into tribal directions and getting absolutely nowhere."

Hostin countered, "But his behavior is beneath the dignity of the office of the Presidency of the United States," something McCain couldn't totally argue against.

"You know what Sunny, I know, they make death jokes about my father, I know," McCain said. "But I'm telling you, even for me and I've been through a lot with this administration while my dad has cancer, he is not bigger than the presidency, he's not bigger than America, he's not bigger than the White House and sometimes you just have to come to the table and have the conversation."

"Sometimes you just have to walk away, sometimes you have to say no," Behar shot back, before her on-air frenemy soldiered on.

"I refuse to let him destroy all the things I believe in and that our founding fathers started," McCain continued. "I refuse to let him destroy what I believe in in the White House and the presidency and I think when you are called and when you are asked, you show up, if for no other reason than to say your peace, whatever you want to say to him."

"I would go to hell and meet with the devil himself if I thought it could change something for the better of America," she added.

Whoopi Goldberg closed the conversation by chiming in, "It'd be nice if this particular man didn't do or say some of the things that you've said," she said of Trump. "When you're questioning whether they should be in the country at all because they disagree with you, when you talk about them like they're layabout, sucking off the teet of America, not working, yeah I think they're a little pissed at him. Sometimes you can suck it up and sometimes you can't."

In a lengthier statement released Tuesday morning, the White House's press secretary said the team attempted to reschedule the event "citing the fact that many players would not be in attendance." It continued, "Unfortunately, the Eagles offered to send only a tiny handful of representatives, while making clear that the great majority of players would not attend the event, despite planning to be in D.C. today. In other words, the vast majority of the Eagles team decided to abandon their fans."

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