Why Jim Parsons Gives Britney Spears 'A Lot of Credit' for His Acting Career
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One of the pop icon's songs had a big impact on this "Big Bang Theory" star.

There's no doubt Jim Parsons has had a very successful acting career and he says he owes it all to Britney Spears.

The "Big Bang Theory" star told Jimmy Fallon Monday night that he drew "inspiration" from Britney at the start of his career. In fact, Parsons even thanked the singer in his GLAAD Media Awards acceptance speech this past April.

"I have the oddest connection to Britney -- not that she would know it -- but when I was auditioning for grad schools back in the late 90s, I guess it was, 'Baby One More Time' came out," Parsons began.

"I was getting ready and trying to get focused for these auditions for these schools and something about that song, and especially that video, really worked for me," he said. "Obviously not in a sexual way -- I’m a good gay! But there was something inspirational."

"It was just her and that Catholic school girl uniform marching down that hallway, I was like, 'Yeah go out and kill it!" he said, snapping his fingers sassily. "And I got into school and I eventually got a career and so I give a lot of credit of my acting career to Britney."

The four-time Emmy winner also told Fallon about literally breaking his leg on Broadway. During a curtain call for his play "The Boys in the Band," Parsons had to lead the group down a step and he fell. He didn't realize it at first, but he had broken his leg.

And so Fallon gave Parsons the best feel better gift: an engraved cane filled with Skittles. The actor called it a "Broadway miracle."

"Once you taste the rainbow, it's really hard to continue on," he joked.

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