Alt-Pop Trio Bahari Spills on Touring with Selena Gomez and Life After a Major Record Label
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TooFab's TooGood Artist of the Month tells us how landing the gig of a lifetime before losing a record deal has shaped them into the independent artists they are today.

Alternative-pop trio Bahari scored the opportunity of a lifetime when Selena Gomez hand picked them to join her on tour.

Comprised of Sidney Sartini, Natalia Panzarella and Ruby Carr -- all almost 21 -- the girls of Bahari first met each other at recording studio Rock Mafia when they were around 15 years old. Their friendship quickly blossomed into something more, and when Gomez heard their rich harmonies while recording at the same studio, she knew she wanted them to join her on her 2016 Revival tour.

When the girls came in to our studio as TooFab's TooGood Artist of the Month, we were lucky enough to hear those wonderful harmonies in person.

Sidney told TooFab that Selena would often "make jokes" about them going on tour with her. The girls said they didn't think much of it until they received that official email confirming them for the once-in-a-lifetime gig.

"It was really unreal. It all just happened so fast. I think all three of us can agree it was one of the best experiences of our whole entire lives," Ruby said of Bahari's time on the Revival tour. The girls also all agreed that Selena is "such a nice person" and "so down to earth."

"It's so amazing to see young female artists really supporting other young female artists," Ruby said.

"And she didn't have to support us," Natalia added. "She would post pictures of us just to help us out. We were like, 'Wow, thank you. We can't really return that. Sorry!'"

But Sidney, Natalia and Ruby have grown and matured since their younger "pop" days, which they said was the direction their label wanted them to go. At the end of last year, however, Bahari was dropped from Interscope Records -- an experience the girls now view as a "blessing in disguise."

With their newfound musical independence, Sidney, Natalia and Ruby are focusing all their energies on perfecting their ethereal/folksy sound, the eloquence of their lyrics, and the emotions they want their music to convey.

"We learned a lot and we had a lot of good experiences, but we also didn't really know how to stand up for certain things we wanted," Natalia said.

"We're also so lucky that we experienced so much, so young," Sidney added. "We were on a label before, and we were so blessed and so lucky to have that, but now we're on our own. We're fully independent, so we have that drive where we were on a label and now we're not, so we have to work way harder... It's terrifying, but it's also the best feeling ever."

Regarding their second EP -- which is projected to drop before the end of the year -- Bahari says it'll be "way more emotional" than "Dancing on the Sun," which the group released in 2016. Their next record, they hope, will reflect the changes they've made both individually and as a band over the last five years.

Check out the video above to see Bahari's interview and live acoustic performance of their latest single, "Chasers."

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