'Bobby Brown Story' Blows Up Twitter with Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cheating Bombshells
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Part one of BET's "The Bobby Brown Story" claims Janet Jackson relationship, details Whitney Houston's drug abuse and features Robyn Crawford lurking everywhere.

Twitter blew up on Tuesday night before and after BET aired part 1 of "The Bobby Brown Story," with fans outraged and shocked by revelations involving Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, infidelity, drugs and more!

No one is quite sure what to believe, but Bobby was involved with this production, which concludes on Wednesday night. The dramatization seems to reveal that Brown was involved in a relationship with Janet Jackson in the 1980s, cheated on Whitney just before he proposed, and that his current wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, has been in the picture since the '90s.

Also, Bobby Brown is a singer.

Just putting that out there, because it seems to be the least interesting part of him, and certainly doesn't seem to be the part this biopic has any interest in exploring.

Instead, it's all about the more sensational and salacious parts of his life, and particularly his sex life. Somebody knows what sells.


The film claims Bobby Brown had an intimate relationship with Janet Jackson, and even had the gratuitous sex scene between two actors pretending to be Bobby Brown and Janet Jackson that no one demanded. It culminated in Bobby throwing a naked Janet out of his hotel room, because, sure.

On top of that, the network promoted their upcoming "Black Girls Rock" special, WITH Janet Jackson, right after that scene. Bold and trashy move, BET.

Bobby further alleges that Janet refused to go public with their relationship because he was black. The film alludes to this being a thing in the Jackson family.

The reaction on Twitter to the Janet revelations in the film were mixed, with most people expressing shock that they had no idea the two were ever a thing. Others, though, still don't think they ever were, and took it a step further, fully anticipating Ms. Jackson to file a defamation lawsuit against Brown and the network.


Bobby Brown claims that he first discovered Whitney Houston's drug addiction on their wedding day when he stumbled upon her doing cocaine before the ceremony. "Now you know," she allegedly said plainly. The couple quickly became notorious for their drug usage, with Bobby detailing it got so bad she would send him out on late-night runs to secure more.

This led to a Twitter debate as to when the coke started with each of them, and who introduced who to what. Considering we've now gotten a third version of events after the New Edition and Whitney Houston biopics, we may never know the real truth.

At least everyone can agree how tragic it is what drugs did to their lives and careers.


Apparently, the bad boy of hip-hop got Whitney and his future baby mama pregnant at the same time. Whitney would apparently go on to lose that baby during filming of "The Bodyguard," if this film is to be believed, though she would have Bobbi Kristina later.

Oh, and Bobby also knocked up his baby mama and then flew back to Atlanta to propose to Whitney. Now, he didn't know he'd just gotten a woman pregnant, but he knew what he'd just done. Maybe he doesn't know where babies come from?

On top of that, while Bobby admits that current wife Alicia was in his life as far back as the early 1990s, the film doesn't seem interested in revealing if they ever became an item back then. Considering everything else he admits to getting into, it's a bit of a surprise, and one many Twitter fans found hard to believe.


Long-rumored and largely accepted now, the biopic doubles down on speculation that Whitney Houston was a bisexual who maintained a long-standing relationship with her best friend Robyn Crawford. Apparently, she and Bobby Brown didn't get along at all, either.

The film definitely played up the tension between the two, depicting epic fights between Bobby and Robyn, who might yet be the most mysterious member remaining of this ridiculously outsized marriage between Bobby and Whitney. BET even kept her largely in the background, as if she was jealous of the couple ... and always there!

Whitney's fans weren't here for that, either. They've accepted that perhaps Whitney was a lesbian or bisexual -- and at a time when coming out would have been career suicide -- and now they've become defensive and protective of this alleged relationship that may have been the realest one Whitney had, even if she could never give herself fully to it.

And we're only halfway through this madness. "The Bobby Brown Story" concludes Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on BET.

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