'Bobby Brown Story' Lights Up Twitter Again: Whitney Houston Cheating, Bobby's Drug Seizure, and Too Much Death
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The second night of BET's "The Bobby Brown Story" is filled with explosive allegations of Whitney Houston cheating, more drug abuse and plenty of funeral dirty business.

After a mind-blowing first night, BET didn't disappoint with the concluding chapter of "The Bobby Brown Story" dominating Twitter yet again.

Fans were on the edges of their seat as the first night dropped explosive claims like Bobby Brown dating Janet Jackson and Whitney snorting up on her wedding day. But that was nothing compared to what Night Two had in store.

Bobby Brown -- who was heavily involved with this production, alongside current wife Alicia Etheredge -- continued to expose some of his darker secrets, but was definitely spilling more tea on everyone else around him. He revealed that the seizure he endured and attributed to heat and fatigue was, in fact, drug induced and Whitney nearly left him there to die.

He also claimed to catch Whitney in the act of trying to sneak a man in the house, setting up the explosive kind of fight scene we can only hope to see in this made-for-television biopics. So basically he's saying they were both cheating drug addicts, but hey, at least he tried to get clean.

And then, tragedy struck over and over and over again as Bobby's life began to unravel with the deaths of his best friend, future brother-in-law, both parents, Whitney and finally his daughter, Bobbi Kristina. It was all Twitter could do to hold back their tears and keep throwing shade at this movie ... but they persevered and the shade was thrown, thank God.


Publicists said Bobby Brown suffered a seizure due to heat and his busy schedule, as reported by Billboard back in 2001. Now, it turns out it was because of drugs. What did we learn here? Publicists will lie to protect their clients and never believe anything you read or hear. Except this. Everything here is golden!

Anyway, it gets even worse than that. Brown claims drug-addled Whitney left him there to die, which of course he didn't so he could bring us the greatest thing to happen to Black Twitter since the invention of Twitter.

In fact, the couple reeled from the incident and swore they would get clean. But it took the help of Florida's correctional institutions to get Bobby clean. He was incarcerated for 26 days in May 2000 for a probation violation, and the duration was just long enough for him to detox ... though not necessarily by choice.

He apparently then made a lifelong commitment to getting clean and even vowed to get Whitney off of drugs as well. In other words, Bobby Brown is the hero, dammit! It's his story, so you let him tell it however he wants. Everyone is the hero of their own story, aren't they?


Bobby Brown's infidelity was front and center in the first part of this two-part gossip extravaganza. Tonight, though, we learned that he may not have been the only cat stepping out on the bond between husband and wife.

Apparently -- and allegedly -- Whitney Houston was not only creeping on Bobby, he caught her red-handed. It wasn't as dramatic as walking on them in the bed, but it might have been even more uncomfortable, as he says he caught them trying to sneak into the house.

Twitter was up in arms about this for a couple of reasons. One: How is Bobby gonna come at Whitney over this like he didn't cheat and impregnate another woman right before he proposed ... and then keep on cheating. Two: They're pretty sure that was Ray J caught sneaking into the house. The two reportedly dated, and he was at her funeral.


After the death of Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown says that he and his teen-teenage daughter, Bobbi Kristina, had an opportunity to reconnect and get closer together. Their relationship had prior been strained because teenagers -- duh! -- and because he and Whitney were strained, and that's kind of how that usually goes.

The film also portrayed Whitney as a rather carefree and loose mother, letting Bobbi Kristina skip school and even smoke at a very young age.

Later, though, Brown says they came together to help Bobbi Kristina with her musical aspirations. In fact, he claims she was supposed to be on her way to the studio to record some music with him when he instead found out she was in the hospital.


It looks like Bobby Brown had a hard time with funerals for a few years there. First of all, there's no denying the overwhelming number of close deaths he endured in quick succession. He lost both of his parents and Whitney Houston from 2011-12, and then his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, just three years later.

But it wasn't even the magnitude of the deaths. According to the film, Whitney upstaged him at his mother's funeral, throwing shade at his new wife and even sitting front row ... in front of Bobby. She sang and practically owned the whole event. But then when she died a year later, her family wouldn't even allow Bobby to attend her funeral.

It was almost too much shade and wickedness from the Houstons for Twitter fans to handle. Luckily, they could forgive Whitney for just being the diva she is and shave most of their vitriol for her family.


So what's true? What's not? Is this version of events true or is it just Bobby Brown's truth? Twitter users couldn't quite decide, as Whitney Houston's most ardent fans were determined to keep her pedestal shining bright and raised up high ... which this miniseries did not make easy.

They saw Bobby as trying to make it out like he was this paragon of virtue in her life, manipulated and torn down by her demons, but it wasn't quite like that at all! Bobby did not come out of this smelling like a rose. He aired plenty of his own dirty laundry.

Now, that said, there are details that don't line up with previous biopics of Whitney or New Edition, so clearly the truth is in question. Maybe Rudy Giuliani had it right the whole time. "Truth isn't truth." This is Bobby's truth, and you can either love him or hate him. He's been dealing with that for decades now, so he probably doesn't really care anymore at all.

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