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"The Voice" coach reveals that she'll be launching her own talk show in 2019, set to air weekdays right before "Ellen"

Oops! Kelly Clarkson just casually let the cat out of the bag on "The Tonight Show" that she's going to be headlining her own talk show in 2019.

"Well, it's been leaked," she laughed, after Jimmy Fallon pointed out that she'd just made a huge announcement without even realizing it. The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets reported that Clarkson was filming a pilot back in early August.

They were talking about her return to "The Voice" after shepherding Brynn Cartelli to victory in the last season, and how she's going to be bringing Brynn with her on tour.

"I'm doing this thing to kind of prep for my talk show that's gonna be next year," Clarkson said, trying to describe some of the unique elements of her new tour, including live online segments for people who can't come to the performances.

"This is a big announcement because it's not been announced yet," Fallon pointed out, interrupting her flow. "You're getting your own talk show."

With the cat out of the bag, Fallon wanted to "get into it. Are we going head-to-head at 11:30? How dare you take my job."

Clarkson said that her new show, which she promises will have a different and more musical vibe than talk shows on the air now, will actually air before "Ellen" as part of a new programming block.

"I didn't think I'd ever do it," she said of the new venture. "I love talking; it's like my favorite pastime. It's hard for me to shut up, though."

That leads into her biggest fear about tackling this latest project. "You have to listen to people who come on your show. And I just keep talking."

Clarkson promised musical skits and lots of fun on her show, which does sound similar to the vibe that Fallon is going for on his own show. In fact, the two of them were earlier joined by Queen Latifah for a silly musical segment that saw them mix and perform an a cappella looped version of "Earth Angel." You can watch them put that together in the video below.

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